strange than fiction

why opposition supporters in kibera are planning funerals for the .ati kuna registration na caution money ndio uende demos,kuna mtu anakula mzuri ,can’t stop laughing,he he he he

My brother warristhis now?? I mean waaaristhis? You’re soon becoming a @TerribleWaste

Stop it!


chill down bro

Stranger than fiction is you putting up a strange than fiction thread. Makes all of us want to just chill, from all the chill down you bring


Illiterate mofos all over this site.

so what,are you gonna start adult classes for them?hio ujuaji yako you can stuff it where the sun never shine

This is very strange!

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Strange, very strange.

strange,unusual or hard to understand,hulaboo ni ya nini motherfuckers,even thieves don’t do that

Wakayama unasumbua

Hakuna sensectionary hapa.

Its not strange all, shine eyes also registrd as victims of PEV for that caution money plus land… Hata wale wanaishi kileleshwa … True story.