Strange Dream

I’ve just had the craziest dream ever maze. I had gone back in time. Like waaay back before mzungu atembee Kenya. And I was being shown the different tribes in all their glory.
Kambas were fast AF. Running between distant villages nonstop.
The Luos were strong AF. 6foot tall warriors and the women were light skin!
Then there were the kikuyus. I swear those people were the most beautiful I have ever seen. Their skin glowed and they had blue eyes. I remember i felt a crazy urge to kamua one yellow yellow but a voice told me that it could fuck up the future history of the tribe. Please note that all this time i could tell that i was from the future but they couldn’t.
They were hated by everyone else but mostly by some strange tribe called lyok or ouyok or sth like that.
I can vaguely remember the name because they had planted giant trees in the centre of their kingdom in a pattern that spelled that name. Can’t remember the exact name thou. But I know for sure that it currently doesn’t exist because in the dream i could also tell that they somehow dissapeared later on.
They had built gigantic villages, almost looked modern in a weird way.
Then they had a pet python of biblical size. Meeein that thing was monstrous. 50ft plus and was kept at the centre of the village. I was literally shaking at the sight of that beast. both in the dream and in reality. - Yes, i also could tell that I was dreaming but I couldn’t wake up. -

But it was a calm beast. Little kids were playing with it. Telling me that their job was to make sure it didn’t crush it’s own head under the weight of it’s massive body.
So I tried holding it’s head and somehow it realized I was from a different time. It started attacking me. biting my hands and i swear i could feel the pain.
I tried climbing one of the giant trees to hide from the snake but it simply raised itself and got me from the top branches.
When it finally managed to constrict me, i woke up. Breathless and Sweating senseless. I had to record this dream maze. Weird AF. Wadau, what could this crazy ass dream probably mean?

It means you briefly visited Wakanda. :D:D:D

:D:D:D:D:D:D:DI swear Africa was the most beautiful place on earth back then. Those okuyu beauties were out of this world.

wakanda Foreeeeveer

I watched that film months ago so I ain’t sure if it influenced the dream or not. What scared tf out of me was that feeling that I knew it was a dream, getting shocked at how crazy it was while still dreaming but I couldn’t wake up. Kwanza hio jinyoka ikinifuata. Realistic as hell. I thank the gods I didn’t dream that I peed on myself in fear.:D:D:D:D:D

punguza bhangi

:Dlazima nirudi huko kwanza nikamue hio yellow yellow alafu ntapunguza

You are a prophet. You saw something that no other has seen. You have to sit down and seek the meaning of that dream. Only you, the Prophet!

:Dchifu wacha sarcasm, nitafsirie ndoto aisee

Did you have a nocturnal emmision afterwards?


Interesting. But you mean to say kuyos and Luos were the only existing tribes back then? Wapi akina chokosh from kimilili na mteso @Abba ?:D:D Na tusisahau akina @Bingwa Scrotum sumbua

:DI hope not, that would mean the rest came from the snake after the original snake people disappeared

Yikes! But it explains why some peeps in here behave like their fore fathers :D:D

Let us first consult the oracles for further wisdom!

:D:D:D:D:D:Dshait, hujawaambia poa

Don’t hesitate to bring the effidense

We will in due course of time!

Swadaakta wa menza