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In March 2015, I woke up feeling tired than usual, feeling thirsty even after taking water, feeling even more hungry and frequent urination. Of course that showed there was something wrong with me. It was a point where I felt so tired as if I had carried heavy stones like a mjengo guy. When I took a glass of water I would definitely go for a short after 10 minutes which wasn’t normal. I showed signs of diabetes. I visited a privated hospital in Westlands (name withheld for privacy reasons) and they carried out a number of tests including blood sugar, random sugar (diabetes tests), ECG test, lipid profiles and fasting lipids. After 3 hours the results came out and it showed that everything was fine except for a higher WBC (White Bloood Cell count) which translated to me having a viral infection that was what was causing all the uneasiness in me. I was given medicine and told it would go away. A month later it got just worse. I was feeling even more fatigued, and urinated even more frequently. I returned to the same hospital and served by a different doctor and carried out metal contents in my body only for him to tell me that I was sufferring from a viral infection which of course had no cure so the first doctor lied of it going away. I was referred to a specialist who did very little in helping with the situation.

Within two months the problem went subsided but a few symptoms remained. I stopped feeling hungry and thirsty but felt a little fatigued and suffered from frequent urinations. Last year I decided to go for a general check up and the tests came back with the same report that I am fine. The fuck I ain’t fine. I had had sexual contact with a girl of questionable virtue and so thought that I had been infected by STI’s. I suggested an STI test and after a week the results showed that I was fine. I was just wondering what was wrong with me. Nowadays when I do small tasks I am left feeling very tired. Even climbing the stairs of a building feels as if I have been running for a 100 kilometer marathon race. When I speak I have to sometimes take a breath because I speak and I run out of breath which doesn’t sound so good.

Am contemplating changing doctors come January 2018. Any help??

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No need. Contemplate on changing your grave spot. Iyo ni signs unatafutwa na demoni


pole pole brother pole pole… :smiley: :smiley:


Na ukikamua Bernice hujawai skia ukichoka? Hizo hekaya za kutafuta sympathy mpunguze…

Provide full info for you to be helped. Which viral infection do you have?

Have you tried Dr House?

Have you gained weight recently?

si mimi msee…mi hata nimeiona kwa health forum ingine huku online…nikaona nipost hapa nione ka mtasaidia

QUOTE==“Grundy, post: 1413997, member: 910”]Provide full info for you to be helped. Which viral infection do you have?

That was what posted in that blog

Kuna kitu hutumika hapa sana, inaitwa C&P, very important ya kuclear the air…

 can’t a nigga nut in peace :smiley:

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Could be your blood iron which is low. It happens to pregnant women so confirm.

hekaya za C&P…

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:D:D hekaya za kukamua Ziko fiti. Za Medical-condition-sympathy si poa…


Akule mawe akingojea kuzaa


The Referee just cancelled the game, hahaaa

Will iandikwe

Which blog?

I didn’t see anywhere where he talked about weight…but you can shed some light on it to give bettr understanding of the problem