straight from Aviation college

Or is it miguna who is kichwa kibovu?

Hahaha ouch!

This man is harsh.

Hehe…miguna has entitlement issues though.


:D:D:D He might have the facts but has zero people skills.

That mongoose will opt to quit rather than interview Miguna next time. :D:D

Miguna is no diplomat…diplomacy be furked in his books.

Lakini huyo gitonga pia ni blonde, asking the usual shallow questions that our mediocre journalists are used to. I think alikuwa amejichocha vile Miguna hatam-intimidate, but he ended up looking stupid by asking questions that had clearly already been answered.



This is being undressed in your own house in front on your kids…:smiley:

Miguna is a poor leader, he behaves around people like a father commanding his children. How can he mobilise people to implement his ideas if he approaches them like this. He could have asked miguna how he intend to harvest rain water in nairobi.

Hehe … miguna ni @kichwakibovu

nitapigia Miguna Miguna kura, hata ikipotea hakuna shida

The only non mediocre leader around #think outside the box.

Shait…ata mimi now I am reconsidering