Stowaway... From Ghana to Kenya

A Stowaway found dead in KQA505 B738 in Undercarriage compartment from Accra early this morning. He was trying to run away from Ghana to Kenya.
Kuna kitu these West Africans have heard or know about Kenya that we don’t. Kenya is the new milk and honey for these westies… Mambo ya kuvuka Europe through Libya is no more. The game plan has changed. Brace yrself good people.


This is a gross image and irresponsible by posting such images without warning netters beforehand!

He could have just walked even if it took a year. He could still be alive.

what killed him?? cold?? mie ni adui ya west africans, I hate them as much as I hate Indians

Ali skia watu wakijiapisha kutakuwa Canaan…well he became the Moses that never reached.

Done!! my apologies

Inakaa alifinywa na mguu ya ndege when it tucked in.Kufinywa na ile joto combined = minus him

we! such a horrible death

The borders are open to Africans, why stow?

He must have heard that in Kenya you can be anything. Even, the president.

Lack of oxygen. Above 20,000/30,000 ft oxygen is very thin. If only he had brought an oxygen tank…

There is nothing gross there.

It seems this is a real problem huko, security ya their airports lazima iko down sana, hapa JKIA ndio ufike airside ni shida bin shida.
Last year kulikuwa na story kama hizi kadhaa Nigeria

That’s how u know we are progressing. Anyways sifa za Mwakali na Akinyi lazima do we Nimefika huko west africa.

hakuna joto boss. he was subjected to very low pressure and subzero temperature. he passed out and died.

Shida za grown-ups .
Angekua kipii angefika akiwa fit like a fido!

In the USA, 76% die.

Imagine, that flight took 5 hours and 19 minutes, and the 737 was cruising at 10,000 meters for at least 90% of that time. Temperatures out there are -44.3C to -54.2C. The wheel-well is not pressurised or heated.

Wheel well stowaways face considerable danger during takeoff, cruise, and landing. Immediately after takeoff, the landing gear retracts into the wheel wells, potentially crushing the stowaway.[4] During flight at altitudes above approximately 2,500 m (8,000 ft), hypothermiabecomes a risk and reduced atmospheric pressure and partial pressure of oxygen may impair physiological processes.[5] At all cruising altitudes of jet aircraft, the partial pressure of oxygen in a wheel well is below that required to support brain consciousness.[5] At altitudes above 6,000 m (20,000 ft), stowaways may also develop decompression sickness and nitrogen gas embolism.[5] Temperatures also decrease with altitude, and may drop as low as −63 °C (−81 °F).[5] As the plane descends to lower altitudes, a gradual rewarming and reoxygenation occur,[5] however if the stowaway does not regain conscious and mobility by the time the landing gear is lowered during final approach, or has already died, the body may fall from the aircraft.[1] According to the FAA, the number of stowaways is likely higher than records show due to bodies falling into the ocean.[6]

Thank you.

Nilimaanisha joto ya tires after take off.If he survived the wheels then he was killed by the conditions you have stated

Then you see the braindead on these boards trying to trash Kenya as a sh*thole country. Tell them to kindly leave Kenya and NEVER look back.