Story ya kapoti usioe single mum

Before I got married, I had a child with a young man who abandoned me with the pregnancy and went in another town. I met my new husband when my child is 3 years and we got married. He opened for me a big shop. Everything was going well in that shop and I was no longer able to manage alone.
So I needed a manager. My ex, my first child’s father contacted me, he was looking for a job. Then I recruited him as my manager in the shop. Few months ago, he started dating me. First of the time I refused but the devil made me accept and almost every evening before closing the shop we do have s.ex in the shop. What is serious is that he screens our s*ex making.
Please, now he blackmails me with the vidéos, he is abusing me. He takes all my money in the shop. He has even bought a land and started building. He threaten me to send the vidéos to my husband if I try anything. He is now like the owner of my shop.
Please I need your help, what can I do? I don’t want my husband to see the vidéos. I want to save my marrige, I love my husband. It is the devil that make me do this wrong thing. Help me with advice. Don’t insult me mother’s. THANKS…


Another example of women and their stupid decision making


She should be killed

Jabaration Sunday


It is the ex who will be killed.

Devil = Stupidity+greed

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Notice how women don’t take responsibility for their own actions… they’ll never admit they fucked up
Was the devil there akipanulia ex miguu


Kula ujuaji yako

Another hekaya to keep us busy this slow sunday :grin:


They are designed that way. In my community women are refered to as children