Story of an introvert

I have no beauty behind my madness,
Madness is my beauty,
And full is my insanity,
In a world that is empty,
Sailing in my own vessel,
Sorrounded by loud silence,
In introvertism i seek solace,
Sick of society and means so Less,
Life keeps seeming meaningless
To the mirror i stare,
And back he looks in despair,
A thought i spare; mayb we shouldn’t pair,
We should both stay single,
And only in thoughts mingle,
Because you too know even if we pair we can never be two,
And thats what we are - TRUE.


Ni nini mbaya leo? Everywhere I go, I see bitch niggaz acting all sissy like and shit

@Nefertities kumbe wewe ni introfart?:smiley:


Ngoja hapo uambiwe ,“Ew.”

Introvert huwezi comment kwa article about “story about an introvert”

Shairi iko poa.

:D:D:Dwe want a special “mwaka hii” cartoon to remember mwaka hEW

pris its Christmas bado cjamaliza kuku spare us


@introvert unatusumbua

Jakuonkwo rusha WD40 ninyamaze.