Story mpya biding xenfero goodbye

herrie then rose up and unbuttoned her blouse. I was so frenzied with the view of the 36D boobs amd without giving her time, jumped and began sucking her hard nipples. I did not want to give her another chance to suck my whooper. I did not like the way she was playing with my asshole. She was doing it real hard, so I quickly knelt down and reached up under her tight short, unbuttoned it then lowered it. She quickly stepped out of it. I enjoyed the view of her cunt lips, with still her tight panty still on, so i did not remove the panty for the next two minutes. After satisfying my eyes, i hooked my fingers into the waistband and lowered the panty slowly down over her ass and hips, until it was around the middle of her thighs, licked her pussy, then lowered it completely down. I slowly massaged the cunt lips then inserted my middle finger in her cunt and swirled it inside. I inched my mouth closer to her pussy and sucked and licked her clit. My finger was still inside her cunt, so i was licking and fingering at the same time. I stood up and made her lie on the couch, then slid in three of my fingers into her pussy and fingered relentlessly.

She was by now begging me to fuck her but before dipping my big cock inside her red hot pussy, i wanted to do something that she will remember me for. I removed two fingers from her pussy and stuck one wet finger in her ass, then started to swirl it inside the ass and pussy. She let out a big cry of ecstasy and she begged me to fuck her. ‘PLssss FUCK ME. I want you inside me baby’

I fetched the condom from my pocket and rolled it on my dick, then I pressed the head against her cunt enough to get the tip of the head in. I teased twice then slowly I pushed the my cock down her pussy. I took several short slow strokes, then working my whooper deeper with thrust. Soon I had my big whooper buried deep inside her pussy.

With every thrust, she would let out a loud cry of ecstasy and asking me to fuck her faster and harder. I hammering the pussy as hard as i could and within a few seconds she was screaming that she was about to cum. I was not half way myself, the kamagra was really working really well. I felt her pussy squeeze my dick, she trembled, before falling back on the couch. I removed my dick from her pussy, removed the condom which was about to burst and put on another one. ‘you seem to have alot of energy today. this is not the Munene i knew last time’ She complimented.

‘Am surprised too. You need to tell me what contortion you laced on my drink’ i joked.

‘Kwenda uko. Your dirty talk speaks it all…’

I took her panty and wiped her wet pussy and started to suck the clit again. “That feels so refreshing,” she said. “Please suck the clit with more vigor.”

I stuck three fingers inside her pussy and with the other hand, stuck one finger inside her ass and began to swirl them inside her pussy and almost involuntarily she began to thrust with her hips. There must have been a hot spot either inside her pussy or her ass because the more i fingered and swirled, the more forceful in thrusting her ass she was becoming. I knew the level of pleasure was all time hight when her cries rose on high pitch, then she relaxed.

Wanking will kill you bro , that’s a fertile imagination

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