Story behind pokots banditry copied

Behind Story about Banditry in Baringo south

This is not banditry but it is a gang of an outlawed criminals who hide behind banditry.

It is a organized gang of outlawed militias with possession of deadly weapons. It operates like our military services with their commander highly guarded with VIP protections of perceived sharpshooters.

Their commander is highly protected than our CS MATIANGI. There is a group elders with their president who performs rituals and bless the “Ng’oroko” the warriors. The president of the elders is respected and feared more than president Uhuru.

They have plateaus which are headed by section commanders but receive orders from general Commander aka Lomada.

Elders are given special recognition and respected because they can curse or bless them. These elders waits for signals and alerts from commander general for them to perform and rituals to protect the warriors.

The actual bandits or those who perform the act of killing and maiming are young boys age 15-20 years. These young boys can’t benefit much from the animals they take but commander general and elders have their share.

The Ng’oroko are using certain signs and symbols to execute their heinous acts example the use of whistles and trumpets, they dress in a certain manner to avoid confusion in the battlefield.

Conclusion: This group is not pokots but an organized criminal gang from Tiaty Pokot. All of them are speaking pokot dialect.

It is not a community but a gang of outlawed militia who hide behind community



I have never understood how they steal 3000 herd of cattle and disappear in thin air


They probably take 20-30 per raid. Even that is pushing it far @cortedivoire

@Willywonka all outlawed militias are gazetted, na kwa list hakuna ata moja kutoka baringo na pokot.

Ten hours later after @Gaza amepitia comments section

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Mnataka niwaeleze mara ngapi how “banditry” operates. I think I once gave a detailed breakdown on the old UI. @Willywonka is not too far off tho’ and y’all obviously know where I sit on the food chain. It’s basically run like a military outfit with a strick chain of command. We have a military wing, political and socio-economic wing. Everybody plays their role.

Kuna kijana pokot niko nae job Kuna place tulipata ngombe alitoa sauti fulani kama mayonda Ile design ngombe iliinua mkia sikuamini the cow stopped like 2 km away the sound you learn like whistling nilimshow anifunze alikataa

You gotta be kidding. Coz you have no idea what you talking about. Why would I put my money down to enable hundreds of men … sometimes a few thousand bodies, depending on the ops , just for them to go get me 20-30 cows. Bruh… it don’t work like that.
Ok… Say I’m the main sponsor, depending on the numbers involved; I’ll demand a certain number must be achieved and my cut will be say 60%.of that number. If they get less, I don’t give a fuck, they or their bloodline will owe me till I get what was agreed on. We make blood oaths and there is no going back on it. Its taboo

Coraling 3000 cattle is no joke. They have to raid multiple homes. And with each home raided, signal inatumwa to call backup defenses. Hao Samburu also have armed herdsmen ready to defend. Usifkiri wanalala hivyo usiku nzima.

And they put themselves in jeopardy as they start the trek back. They have to control the cows, na wanafuatwa. Ngombe utembea 2km a hour max. So it limits their raids to boardering homes who stock 2-3 , aware of their situations. Zingine zinawekwa interior.

I have been in communities where they raid uko Rift valley. They just go round trying their luck. They will raid this one, miss 5 or 6, then raid another one.

Sounds unreal to me

Hii issue yote is because the government does not disarm Pokots. That is the genesis of the rustling problem.

The government disarms everyone else except Pokots and other remote tribes. It then fails to protect the people that it has disarmed. The natural result is that the armed tribes will take advantage and steal from the disarmed tribes because they know that the police are useless cunts who wont offer the victims any protection.

As long as there is a weapons imbalance, cattle rustling is here to stay. The government won’t disarm Pokots and it also won’t defend the disarmed tribes. Essentially, the government is responsible for the mess.

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Bro … again you miss the point. There is nothing like luck. You don’t send hundreds of men, to go on a raid based on luck. No. Everything is planned out … to the last detail. You know exactly where they are grazing (communal grazing hence the high numbers) or which village they gather at, you know exactly how many armed men are guarding the animals, what route to take etc. Advanced recon teams are are sent out for surveillance and intel, confirmation are made, and inside men from the other side ok the best time to hit. There is always paid inside men … just like any other heist. You can’t go on a raid blind hoping you hit a jackpot. This is not gambling.

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You are assuming they are going into areas that are not being defended. Like I told you apo Rift Valley I visited my relas who used to be raided. Walikua wanapiga mayowe. Defenses would respond. So it limited rustlers to homes that were on boundary where they could make quick getaways.

And remember they attack mainly at night. So visibility is restricted.

OK. We only raid 20-30 cows.

Give guns to the communities. That will sort the issue.

Per raid

If everyone was armed peace will reign

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I said and I will reiterate. Dawa ya banditry ni going tech on them. Weka tracking devices kwa a few cows randomly selected. This is easy to do. You just need a huge immunization drive and put in the devices. Mark where the cows are. After a raid monitor which marks are on the move and where.

Option 1.A few drones will sort out those idiots. Even if you carpet bomb the area, disregard the cows lives as the owners can even be compensated. Kill anything living within the vicinity of the cows.
Option 2. let the cows reach the destination, mark it, send a surprise raid, military, pick all the cows in the villages, all of them, kill anyone who resists, I don’t mean arrest, shoot to kill, anyone maimed is left to die. Take the cows back to where they were stolen. Hapa you can even collect Intel on the sponsors, those you also kill.

In both scenarios, banditry will be dead within a few months. News will spread very fast.

In the second scenario make sure the soldiers wamevaa baclavas and no insignia. That way even the government can claim it is the karamajong from Uganda who instigated the raid, you can even form a commission of inquiry to sit for two years, throw in it some bimbos, make Karen Kinyamú the head of the inquisition team. Karen knows the best places in Dubai where they can investigate the matter, throw in a few docile, greying politicians and you can them cut the tree of banditry and uproot it. The commission will hand over the report, and you can actually stand give them elders of burning spear or other state commendations and say that they have eliminated banditry in the north.

I should be on the ballot in 2027, by 2030, all pokot boys will be in school, hao elders wataingia shule kama kimani maruge wakiwa in their 70s.


Very intelligent observation

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