Storro Ya Jaba

A man had three girlfriends and didn’t know which one to choose to marry.
He then decided to take a test to see who was most fit to be his wife.
He withdrew 15 thousand dollars from his bank account and gave 5 thousand to each of them and told them to spend it however they wanted.

The first one was shopping, bought clothes, jewelry, went to the salon, etc.
She came back and said to the man: - I spent all your money like this, to be more beautiful for you, to like you more… I did it because I love you.

The second one went to the same shopping and bought clothes, a CD player, a flat screen TV, basketball shoes, golf clubs and pornographic films.
She came back and said: -I spent all your money on gifts for you, so I can make you happier… I did it because I love you.

The third one took the money and put it in the bag.
In three days he tripled the invested and return, returned the $5,000 that the man had given him and told him:
– I invested your money and earned mine, now I can do what I want with my own money… I did it because I love you…
So the man thought
He thought… thought… thought…


Sorry for wasting your time when you already knew…
MEN ARE ALL THE SAME :star_struck:



typical malenge thread, venye @Ngimanene-Na-matharo atasema


Now what is the moral of the story?

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the older the wine, the sweeter it becomes.


More of her just for you, bro… :smiley:

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…sisemi mengi kwa sasa

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The moral of the story is always marry muanamuke ako na matako msoooooori coz even if you marry one with brain eventually utaconfusiwa na matako msooori kwa jia mkosane Tu


Umeffi thread

Guardian Angel vs Oparanya.
Men on these streets be like the 2nd is very much ok and they be crying how Guardian is lost…
double standards?..Who’s getting the best in your judgement?

A man who has driven many cars is an expert but a car driven by many drivers is a scrap
~ Jua Kali proverb…This comment is NOT about cars.


I called a married lady who was owing me money, but she didn’t pick my calls.

I called 10 times more, still no answer. Knowing that her husband was not at home, I decided to send her this message:

“Hello Sisy, I’m not calling for the money. I just wanted to tell you that 2 girls were fighting over your husband in town today. It was a big fight and he was just there watching, until one of the girl managed to escape into his car and they drove off”.

After some minutes, she called me but I ignored her. She kept calling and I found 21 missed calls from her and a message which read:

"Where was the fight?

Where did they go?

Did you Notice those girls? Please tell me, I am falling apart."

I just read and didn’t respond. She called again, 5 times and I didn’t answer, then another message from her:

“I have your money, please can we meet, so you tell me more?”

Then i replied, “Okay, you can Send it through my Bank Account so that when I pass by the filling station to refuel, then I will pick you and drive you to one of the Girl’s House because I know them.”

After 2 mins, I checked my account balance, my money was fully paid.

I then switched off my phone and slept like a baby…


I met an old classmate. We had not seen each other for about 30 years.

When I saw him again, this time at a hotel lobby, he wore simple clothes. I felt touched.

He walked up to me and was glad to see me again. But deep within me, I was not impressed with his status compared to mine, I couldn’t hide it.

We exchanged contact details, and I could see the joy in him as he collected mine.

I told him I would drop him home in my brand new Range Rover but he declined and said he had already called for his car, a 2001 Honda Accord.

I invited him the next day for lunch at my house. A part of me wanted to impress him, to show off my success while another was to discuss opportunities and possibly help him.

He drove to Parkview, where I lived. He looked impressed with my house, one I had taken a heavy mortgage to acquire and thereafter we had lunch. He told me he was into small business and particularly real estate.

I brought up more business discussions, but he didn’t sound too interested. I asked him how I could help him. He said he was fine. I even told him that if he was interested, I could help him secure some loans. He looked at me and smiled.

He told me he would invite me over to his place soon. His old car came for him. I was grateful to God for what I have. “All fingers are not equal," I thought to myself.

Two weeks later, my wife and I went to see him in a remote area. Initially, my wife was reluctant to go because she was not impressed with the man’s status to warrant our visiting him in his house.

I was able to convince her that we were close friends in college.

We saw the estate. We asked for directions to his home. Those leading us spoke of his name with deference.

It was a simple but lovely home. A 4-bedroom bungalow. I saw 4 cars parked in front. We entered his house. It was simply elegant, he welcomed us warmly.


Lunch was well served, his wife calls him Papa Onos.

During lunch, he asked about my MD. He said they were friends. I saw a company gift on one of his tables nearby. That company owned about 38% shares where I worked. He told me he owned the company. He also owned the Estate.

I did not know when I called him, Sir. I was in awe of him, too.

I had learnt a lesson in humility, a Big one. Appearances are deceptive. He noticed my discomfort.

Driving back home, I was very quiet. My wife was humbled and extremely calm. I could perceive the thoughts in her mind. I looked at myself. Living on loans, heavy loans, and showing off while someone who pays my salary is quite modest and living a simple life.

Indeed Deeper Rivers Flow In Majestic Silence!