Stormy Monday Kesho?

Has the Lord of Stones and Terror (LOST) decided to throw in the towel, or will he be firing up the old white Prado to storm IEBC tomorrow?


You to get schooled man! or woman?

Baba wanaenda kula lunch (osuga and fish) with Kuria…wewe utabaki hapo pretending it never happened and continue hating on Baba


You wake up on a sunday morning with nothing inspirational other than exposing your ignorance to the world. Enough with your bullsth.


Wewe badala ya kurauka kucheza longongo na wajukuu wako, unaraukia kuhate on mzee rika lako !! Shenzy kabisa

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Moses Kuria was expelled from uni and Raila paid for his legal fees hadi akarudishwa shule. Asante za Punda…


The tribe is above any personal interest,


He he he…keyboard warriors washaanza …wacha nikae pale=================>Na helmet, just incase hizo mawe zenyu zinipate mkitusuana.

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100% correct . even above Jehovah baba…

Long Live Baba ( LLB)

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Bensouda has just sent warning shots…Lord has tuck his tail between his legs.

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You sound personally aggrieved, lakini my question is absolutely legit.

Sunday precedes Monday, and Baba swore to storm until IEBC is disbanded. The day he calls off the stupid posse will be the day I stop asking.


Is there any issue that he has ever seen reach a full and final conclusion since he started issuing threats and ultimatums immediately after losing the 2013 elections? He’s always jumping from this to that issue like a frog on steroids.

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