storm over Paradise

BREAKING NEWS.Kiambu Governor Hon.William Kabogo leads a break-away movement from jubilee party.The movement includes high ranking former jubilee die hard members including Peter Kenneth,jamleck Kamau,priscilla Nyokabi, Anthony Mutahi Kimaru, charles Kanyi Njagua aka jaguar, Nderitu Muriithi, cecily mbarire,kembi gitura,dennis waweru among others.They majorly are from central kenya and are out to tame dp william ruto’s influence in central kenya politics.speaking in one of the top notch hotels in central kenya,the chairman of the mt kenya caucuss hon.dennis waweru,said as i quote him,“there comes a time when we need to treat a disease that might consume us as people of central kenya and this is the time.wsr came and interfered with our elections by placing people who he perceives shall help him in 2022.he has bitten more than he can chew…”.apparently this team is being supported by other kikuyu tycoons especially from murang’a and Laikipia, they are ready to sacrifice the presidency in order to tame William Ruto. STAY TUNED FOR MORE NEWS…


Ama namna gani?

Name just one tycoon you know from Laikipia.

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I forwarded as recieved, maybe those pokots whose cows are being killed by kdf :smiley:

DP is a serious threat to so many people… It surprises to see how central has accepted him… For your information, kabogo,jamleck kembi and others will be in Uhuruto govt come November this year

Sawa regional wa jap


Ule nominated senator wa Naks wame mwacha wapi?

Am watching DP Ruto keenly, just to see how he reorganizes/ recalibrate Mt. Kenya politics.
The question is, if the agenda of the Kabogo team will gain traction before election ?

Jubilee tunawaonea kwa 18
Ruto is merciless ama namna gani?
His people also don’t want him,maneno ya kupanga watu ameendeleza mpaka centro. Some people also saying Sonko is his project, who does he think he is this guy !
Mandago wants to be president,Gedion wants to be president also I.Ruto wants come 2022

even those who lost their positions because of their arrogance such as kabogo and kagwe are blaming ruto? bure kabisa!


Hao ni ujinga wako nayo, sijui Kembi Gitura anafanya nini hapo na venye he seemed to be a sensible person, they should learn from PK, when the people reject you kunja mkia uende retire.

Tinda hau…!

Kwani you think we’ve forgotten about Kiambaa?

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Propaganda galore

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hii sio storm over paradise, ni “cast onto the sea”…

We have a lot of skeletons in our closet na ile siku ounye ata ruka wsr rift valley kutawaka moto.Jubilee is whats holding the peace there,we never solved PEV.


kiunjuri, GG, maina njenga, bholla

Manufactured news.

When tycoons are mentioned, u wont find these in that list

nta jua ruto sio mama yenu, ask yourself why he was taken to ICC

Mutahi Kagwe ni bure kabisa…i remember him saying kwa senate ati they cannot impeach a governor kwa sababu some of them will be vying for governorship in the next election. As in that is the best reason he could come up with? Let alone the non performance of the said governor???