Stories about chokoras/street families and cripples in Nairobi. Let's stop giving these people money


We really feel bad when we see them going through dumps looking for food, sleeping in the cold… You’ll be suprised that these kids have homes. This is what my pal who works with social services tells me…

These kids are from areas around major towns. They’re from the villages and are told of fantasy stories from the city. An example is around Mwea, where my friend is stationed, they catch kids on transit to the city (by foot). Once caught the kids tell them about what they’ve heard. How you can get 100 bob a day from people, food is all over, you get to play the whole day, they even tell them of sexual escapades with female chokoras, most of all NO SCHOOL or being followed around.
These are things watoi wa ushago wakiskia it’s music to their ears.

After this info is collected the rescued kids are counselled and given the harsh reality of what happens in the city to Chokoras. Upon being taken back for the final phase where the social worker needs to find out the background of these kids, (some claim to be orphans) out of 10 cases, only one is found to be truly homeless. A case of a chokora in a small town like Karatina who wants a better life of a chokora in the city where a stranger can give you 10 bob compared to getting one bob in Karatina.
The other 9, have homes and shockingly according to the statistics 5 out of 10 come from very stable homes. A case where upon the return of the child the mother comes running and crying to see her child.

Well this is something of concern. If you’ve read to this part you should be asking yourself what the solution is…

Let us stop giving beggars money in the streets. According to statistics… beggars in Nairobi make a minimum of 500 bob a day downtown Nairobi. In the CBD around 1k. (They have zones) so a beggar can make as much as 30 to 40k a month. This person will never leave the streets and it will be a trend to those coming after them. If you feel like giving back to society we have homes for the old, homeless, drug rehabilitation centers, children’s homes… If you advice the homeless to go to these centers they will refuse because they are made to work for food. Why work for food when there’s a gold mine in the streets?

It may sound cruel but it will reach a time begging will be an in thing and our country will be flooded with them. As we speak it is escalating to very high levels at some point it will be uncontrollable.

Because street families are now at a level they have chamas. Did you know there’s a bank in Kenya owned by a group of former street family??? It’s a success story and even you life iki kulemea you will start begging or like some people are doing, they buy cripples from Tanzania house them and every morning drop them in town to beg. In the evening they are picked and the “owner” takes stock.

We had andre group and we bought a beggar a wheel chair. A guy called Collo who used to hang around Alliance Française. The boy used to crawl literally. One day I gave him my sweat shirt after he was rained on vibaya. After 2 days he didn’t have the wheel chair. It had been taken away by the “owner”. We wanted to report this to the police but Collo told us if we do he won’t have a home.

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i never give beggers any coin

Never gives them a coin too, and now there is this irritating one of a blind beggar being led by a young girl or boy in to a pub or restaurant. These ones want to play with your emotions, make you feel guilty and give them money. ‘you are eating and drinking while we have nothing’. It’s very shameful.

God blesses a cheerfull giver…

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…no mention of ndanda heads :D:D

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The boys or girls accompanying such blind beggars are not usually so young. They are people who are aged 21 and above. Which makes me wonder, why can’t they get a job and take care of their ‘fathers’, ‘mothers’ or ‘siblings’ instead of begging.

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There is a place in Kariobangi North where a lot of these Tanzanian beggars stay. They normally leave for CBD at 5.30 in the morning and they have a good relationship with conductors on that route. I was shocked to learn that many of them make a minimum of 1,000-1500 per day.

kuna ule the blind beggar who nilikuwa namwona hapo uchumi aga khan walk, he has two wives and owns two houses, he doesn’t pay rent

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Napatianga mimi. Hata kama ni scam ya mdosi flani, huyo mtoi/mama naweza ona ako na njaa at that particular time. Nikiwa na food huwa napeana pia.

Tenda wema nenda zako.

this thread is on point…but there is a disturbing growth of these street urchins who swarm the streets at around 10 usiku (wengine ni maboy mambuyu) especially along muindi mbingu na mama ngina hapo karibu na entrance ya imax…this can be a security threat in the future

Ati a threat in the future, nikka these armed robbers u see been shot left right and center unafikiri ni akina nani?

I will give u one good example, they was a chokora in westie known as Taller, jamaa grew up in the streets of westie…when he fikad 18 al join ukauzi…he used to pretend yeye ni mtu wa kujaza matatu za westie ambazo uenda tao lakini usiku alikuwa mwizi. He was shot dead by police near Wambugu hotel in parklands after a shoot out usiku wa mananee

walk along mama ngina with your smartly (read skimpily dressed chic, hanging yellow yellow thighs) uone akichokozwa…hao wa hapo Trattoria niliwasho tuheshimiane wazee (sio watoto) ama wavuke wachokoze hao mapoko the other side

What does this reply have to do with my earlier reply? …usi ni quote kama unaongea things out of topic

Don’t. You’re only perpetuating the problem. There exists mechanisms to waive payment for poor patients at public health facilities.

Please elaborate. I, for one, would like to make use of those. I have people I can help with the info and I also wouldn’t mind using the “facilities” when the need arises.

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Kuna boy aliniudhi sana. Nilikua nangoja change after nimenyolewa, so this guy akaanza kunichocha ati vile hio nywele iko fine na vile itakua magnet kwa wanawake. Kidogo akaanza kunionyesha call log yake vile iko na wanawake wengi, just vile nimepatiwa change, ndio huyo. Bro si unijenge kachwani? Akainsist ati ata kambao nipate ya supper. I think there is pathological begging where someone does it for the sake of getting it free. Lazy minds.


I’ll give them ata notes anytime anyday. Esp wale hucheza muziki kwa streets

Just walk into the social worker’s office at your favorite public hospital. That’s where it all commences.

What im wondering is, why is this in entertainment?