Storage space running out

My secondary phone Samsung S4 is running out of memory and I don’t understand why. I have an extra SD card. I have deleted virtually everything I can think of that is not useful or dumped it to the SD card, Im short of formating the phone and still getting error message. Here is a screenshot of the storage. Any help is appreciated.



If you look at used space it says 8.4GB but on opening that tab it’s not adding up to that 8.4GB but less than 7GB as seen below.


Hiyo ni screenshot ama ni Billboard?o_O


ebu use ES file explorer to analyse it, it has better stats than the system stats


:D:D:D:D:D… wacha ufala.

enda file manager ingia telekram and delete unwanted videos and mbishas also do the same for whatsapp

Ingia pale Google playstore and download ES File Explorer vile @Deorro amesema.

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Delete whatsapp databases

DU File cleaner

Follow the instructions below and you will never forget me,first download ES explorer and scroll to its cleaner on the menu.It will clear some generated cache up to 3GB of memory shall be regained depending on your phone usage.
Next go to settings and open apps then start with google play store and clear all data;you will reset again.Do this to all applications and you will reclaim up to 10GB.Bring a feedback if successful…,.

don’t follow this advice otherwise, all app data will be lost. Just analyse with ES then from there you will make a wise decision


Naona apps ndio zimekula space sana, apps like youtube ndio culprits especially if you save videos to watch offline…clear data from such apps

Nilikuwa sijui ES it Atoka wapi. Will download saa hii.

Kama ni android 6.1 format memory card as internal memory, everything itakuwa inaingia kwa mem