Stopping hustler mvt


Sham nyews

The consequences of assassinating the man who resolves what to do and does what he resolves to do are better imagined than experienced.

Ngumi ya kahasho ya tangatanga ni corruption cases. All the luminaries in the DPs camp including the DP himself have a case or two involving corruption or have participated in a scandal. All that may be done ni kuwapea something to worry about in courts a few months to election. Mtakuwa mnasema hata fulani was involved but mnambiwa investigeshen bado inaendelea kuwatafutia evidence.

That will be a good political mileage and campaign for them. If you have not learned that in Kenya political persecutions in form of prosecutions make leaders more popular with the masses and they end up riding on that then you ain’t learned anything in politics at all

Have you ever considered that it may be a cue for IEBC not to clear you to run? You may not be on the ballot.

easier said. kwa ground maneno tofauti sana. All in all, Taking away a life for political reason is wrong on all fronts. Everyone should have a fair chance…

:D:D:D:D:D:D Maximum Respect to DP Uncle Ruto.

A sitting president and a bought opposition can’t keep up with a Deputy President.

The insults, innuendo, gossip, two wings of stop ruto secretariats, two teams of bloggers and being left out of government running but they still can’t beat him.

IEBC can only bar you after the court of law has declared you guilty or unfit to hold office and we all know in Kenya cases of corruption and whatever drag for ages till they are finalized. So that’s a zero sum game

Imagine all the opposition and ethnic kingpins of Mudavadi Raila Uhuru Alfred Mutua Kalonzo Joho Gideon Moi and others deployed against one person but they have not managed to bring him down. Actually being a president could be Ruto’s destiny.

The government better not expect any favourable ruling in courts for a long time. Maybe well into Hustler Presidency. Anyway anyone saying this is in a state of hopelessness and denial. They join other in fear of heavy defeat against Chief Hustler in a general election.

True. The Judiciary has nothing to fear or to gain from Uhuru presidency in the remaining 1 year. They will stick by the rule of law. After all they know Uhuru is on his way out. They shall not be any favorable ruling anytime.
The guy who was complaining of IEBC commissioners is now busy distracted and enjoying the handcheque. By the time he wakes up the elections will be at the door with no time to prepare and no voice to cry for electoral justice

we need new leaders

Niaje mzito

They should stick to the rule of the law always, not only for the remaining term of the Jubilee but also for the coming regime and on to posterity!

Na La Mada ilienda aje…

My friend, we are already in electioneering time. I don’t know about the rest but UDA is weeks from Party officials elections to have the first elected Party secretary. UDA constitution is already there and grassroots party members registration has been ongoing for months now. As we speak two events are ongoing simultaneously on top of the grassroots members registration drive. That is meetings with party candidates to deliberate on the primaries. The rules, organization and conduct. Secondly the empowerment plan under bottom to top initiative as proposed by chief Hustler. We have being very busy. You will all understand soon when iis all done and running.

hustler movement = glorify poverty

bullshit tangatanga news

Hapo sasa