#StopKillingMen buana

Juuuuzi tu chochio media and the country came to a standstill because some whore died while whoring in a lodging in Kahawa West. Boyshaod namaliswa na hakuna mtu anaangazia. In the past week at least two men have been murdered by extremely violent women. These are just the high-profile cases, so it’s very possible that malnourished nobodies like @BBIsiMuhimu are dying without media coverage.

In late March, a crazy woman stabbed three men in Kahawa West (hmmm?), killing one instantly and severely injuring the rest.

Three days ago, a KDF soldier lost his life after allegedly being bitten by his vampire of a wife in Kahawa (hmmmmm?) Wendani
As usual, when men are killed, chochio media takes its time to joke about it. The DCI also found the whole thing extremely funny. Their “wordsmith” must have been chuckling sheepishly while writing this nonsense. I think it was his only chance to use the word “ding-dong” in a post and he wasn’t gonna let it go, dead soldier or no.

They’re not even sparing children buana. This ghaseer stabbed two boys because she had beef with their mother.
Boyshaod atakimbilia wapi jamaneni? This manicide is finishing us. Manicide is a word I made up because there’s no antonym for femicide. Apparently, the powers that be decided it’s possible to kill a woman for merely being a woman, but a hate-filled woman can’t kill a man merely because he’s a man. Radical feminists are allowed to spread hatred against men and blame them for all manner of misfortunes, but for some reason, there’s no possibility that this hate could turn into murder.

Heneway, nakuombea sana @BBIsiMuhimu. I hope one day your fat wife doesn’t decide to stab you to death or splash boiling water on you because you’ve become useless. I pray you live long enough to see your son become a kamagera and your daughter an accomplished supermarket cashier. Those will be major improvements from carrying cement all day long, eating githeri kavu for lunch, and going home to a hostile wife. Amen.

In conclusion, #StopKillingMen

Look here Capitan, people have been murdering each other since the earth was flat and will continue to as long as resources remain finite and indoctrination of equality continues.

The shift of power between the genders remains brutal, and while we are busy fighting each other the noose continues to tighten around the working class.

As a side note, I don’t think the murders will stop anytime soon.

Haha hio DCI report imeweza


Many more people are killed in various ways we hear those hat journalist feal are funny or trending and can sell papers or get clicks. Your death publicity depends on the fun it generates.

#StopKillingMen is a very frail and feeble movement being advocated by some weak beta males.

So in theory women should be so touched by this social media ranting, that they suddenly stop killing weak men? Or how exactly does it work?

Women are the weaker sex, so if they cry foul over femicide walie lie social media it is fine but for men to mimic this MeToo movement is just beyond homosexuality.

I can’t imagine my grandfather in 1924 ati anaingia social media after mwanaume mwenzake ameuliwa na bibi kupost ‘Stop killing men’ in retaliation. Men are becoming weaklings.
A man should naturally be a strong authority in his house and in the community.

So, Mr Alpha, what would you do if it was your brother on the receiving end?

My brother is also an alpha

Well said bro, @poyoloko I hope you are taking notes

Kizungu miiiiiingi

Weak beta male using illogical responses akishindwa kujustify a stoooopid approach. Captain nansenz homoseksual


Weak beta male approach


Beta male still resisting knowledge and hiding under a foolish feminine hashtag.




I have all day kijana

Use part of your day to reason and cease being an illogical beta male feminist.