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So I messed with my Xiaomi Mi Mix at a time when I was low on finances and all other prerequisite resources needed to acquire myself an other equally excellent flagship . I posted here that I was toying with the idea of buying a LG v20. Despite disapproval from the village tech gurus, who expressed their genuine concerns that the phone is a bit outdated (released in Sept 2016) nilipiga moyo konde and went ahead and bought it, anyways. Its about 5 weeks old now. And here it is

There are a few things to say about this LG v20

  1. It is a beauty to hold in your hands. 1st, it’s an uncommon handset, so you feel unique among smartphone users wherever you go. 2nd, it feels like a modern handset, similar to the other modern phones while it’s very different and, once again, unique.
  2. Contrary to what numerous online users say, the battery is really impressive. It is as good as the Xiaomi Mi Max 1, about 4 and a half to 6 hours of intensive use. What else do people want?
  3. On opening, it immediately started downloading and updating the os. 4 updates in all. Now it is on Oreo 8.0.0.
  4. It has a huge downside, though. The network reception. Sometimes inakataa kushika network kabisa. So inabidi natumia WiFi. So, if you don’t have WiFi, sijui ufanye nini. As for myself, I knew that because I had done a good deal of research about the phone.
  5. It’s relatively very cheap. I bought mine in Nairobi. A refurb, LG v20 F800, single sim, in an original box, with original accessories and looking all new! All that at KSh14,000!!!

LG V20 competes in same league as Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge, Huawei Mate 8 and 9, Samsung Galaxy s8, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and some other notable heavy weights. If it’s not the V20, there is none of it’s competitors that can give you a better deal and better value for your money!

So, if you suddenly find yourself without a phone, instead of downgrading to the likes of Tec-kino and Infinishit, perhaps you might consider the LG v20, a true and respectable flagship, as a stopgap before you can pull enough funds to buy a flagship. Just always remember about the network issue.


Jumia 12,800.

Top deal

Nunua Techno tablet

Yes. That’s right, Genius. It’s actually 12,900/- on Jumia. On top of it, add about 800/- mandatory International purchase fee, plus a possible 300/- local shipping charges. What do you get? And you must wait for at least 16 days before delivery. On the other hand, the seller in Nairobi has it ready for pick and use!

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