Stop yelling us your figures

When the wealth of 1% elite who own all factors of production grows by X%, its not the economy of kenya.
When safaricom steals billion from kenyans through fuliza, it is not the entire economy growing, it is safaricom.
When kenyatta family builds cities for family use using our taxes, it is not construction industry growing, it is kenyatta family.

When kenyatta family, hiding behind Rai, sells sugar worth billions, it is not sugar industry growing, it is kenyatta family.

Go to the ground and get real figures. Today our money has lost value. A million bob is nolonger worth anything meaningful.

There was a time in 2006 Mumias produced sugar for 40% of the Kenyan market. Also, Uchumi was a leading retailer and KQ was making profits year on year. What changed? Wealth has gone to a few hands esp those connected to the top office. Angola, has a huge GDP but it is just a few who have wealth.

KQ and Uchumi weren’t making profits then. They just purged figures.

True, the sleazeball Naikunia should be rotting in Kamiti for what he did to that airline.

family x has all 10 kids working in the county government, with cumulative salaries of 1 million per month.
family z has only one brother working in multinational organisation, with a salary of 2 million per month, while the rest, 9 siblings are jobless. Can we say family z is growing, their gdp is growing? can we say family z is richer than family x?

what does this have to do with the original thread??

This is a capitalist society, ata wewe ile pesa uko nayo does it belong to your sister? Why are you thinking chini hivi!?

thts exactly what i mean. capitalistic society.

During normal life and Naikuni is arguing a point unrelated to running a business, does his debaters bring up the KQ fiasco? I know I would give him a hard time if he was one of my friends
[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Wewe uliangusha KQ na sasa unataka tukuamini ati chips ni waru? Tiga ngoma!

You missed the train by miles. Guka na spear will be all over here with GDP projections figures, Export figures bla bla bla, but the real question here is where does that money end up. I can assure you its not the common mwananchi pockets

The gava has one major duty. To provide an enabling environment for businesses to grow.

Unfortunately, businesses are closing shop day in day out…

And thats why its failing miserably, pesa haiko mashinani despite figures being thrown around

Socialism is the way to go

Get his point before umwambie he’s thinking chini…whatever that means