STOP Stigmatization of Depression

many people still try to pretend that depression doesn’t exist, or that a depressed person can be “talked out of it” (never mind the fact that the old adage “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” doesn’t exactly apply when someone is battling a complex psychological disorder). The stigmatization of depression does nothing to help or encourage those grappling with depression — in fact, treating depression as a personal problem instead of a real illness can lead depressed people to avoid seeking professional help and instead blame themselves for their depression.

Depression is a serious illness not a sign of weakness or a character flaw. Even if you never experience clinical depression, you’re bound to encounter plenty of people in your life who are currently suffering or have suffered in the past — even if they haven’t told you about it. So it’s important to fight against stigmatization, even if you think it has nothing to do with your life. if you need more convincing, check out the reasons why the stigmatization of depression needs to become a thing of the past:

[SIZE=5]1. Stigmatizing Depression Is Ignorant
If you choose to stigmatize depression, it’s probably because you haven’t taken the time to educate yourself not that you are better or stronger than people who have struggled with depression.

[SIZE=5]2. Stigmas Can Make Sufferers Feel Guilty
3.[/SIZE][SIZE=5]Stigmas Make People Less Likely To Open Up [/SIZE]
[SIZE=5]When friends are supportive they can be a great source of hope and strength. Depression is an isolating illness and while no one single person can change that, it can mean a lot when friends want to understand what you’re going through. It can help depressed people realize that they have nothing to be ashamed of — which can then motivate them to seek treatment.

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