Stop seeking Endorsement from A guy you didn't support in 2013/17...elections

Nyinyi hamna akili timamu, Ruto to RAILA, Kalonzo & Mudavadi.
Nobody has ever understood who Uhuru will support eventually but there must be something Ruto knows that we don’t know.
The guy can’t be just this confident without a reason.

ODM and NASA leaders and their supporters are just a bunch of fools. Uhuru has wasted their time using the handshake/ruBBIsh and taken them round in circles. They are gullible enough to think he will endorse and finance one of their own during the upcoming elections but I am sure he knows better. Uhuru may be a corrupt drunkard but he is no political novice.

Novice, yes he is one save for his handlers. but on NASA/ODM being stupid, yes they are. Vibaba bure tu…they have totally lost political goodwill of their voters, same applies to Uhuru. Evil union i must say, with Uhuru having nothing to lose but a legacy which he really doesn’t mind.

Uhuru knows he is retiring and doesn’t care for any opinion from his vote base. Wajinga ni wale wanaomfuata wakisahau they should fortifying and solidifying their political bases.


Mutaambiwa mara ngapi,ngamia hizi?


Uhuru will do what Moi did in 2002, he will endorse gideon. The writtings are on the wall but greed has blinded odm, gideon is allover trying to stick his head out. The biggest worry for uhuru has been ruto for as long as ruto remains a favourite candidate there is no way gideon can shine. No wonder he is determined to cut him to size. On the other hand some of the nasa leaders, governors and senators are do not care about presidency all they care is to be in the next govt. The best bargain for raila is to approach ruto and be his deputy, it requires him to eat a humble pie but definately he would secure that office for the next ten years.

Stop smoking your asegai.

Sweet unfiltered weed helps you see clearly

Ruto told them the truth. Gideon Moi will not finance Raila. Gideon Moi will finance MaDvD, whose father made mzee moi a man. Raila cannot let what he has worked for all his life go to MaDvD.