stop impregnating lanyes

setting aside the fact that raw sex with lanyes – or anybody else for that matter – is an avenue for contracting venereal diseases, what is even more frightening is the possibility of the lanye getting pregnant.

Face it: you’d never want anyone to discover your baby mama is a prostitute. This means you won’t be present in the kid’s life. Which will lead to the following aftermath:

  1. Your toddler, having grown up without a father figure, will seek someone to fill that vacuum. Could be an uncle. Or it could be a cult figure like Andrew Tate. (@Azor Ahai)

  2. Having lacked the praise of an authority figure during his formative years, your son will fill the hole in his soul by indulging in every attention-seeking antic. He might create an online profile and sculpt a persona as a “singo madha expert.”

  3. Ashamed of his background, he will channel that hatred toward all prostitutes. He will fùck them with hostility and subject them to all manner of degrading antics. (@Enhe, kijana ya malaya.) He may even ask some girl to urinate in a “karai.” (@Kuna Vitu Sipendi)

  4. Having lacked the financial muscle to power his way through the education system, he may turn out to be a mkamba mjinga illiterate.

I.O.N @Yuletapeli & I have come to an agreement. Tomorrow I’ll go over and boff his smelly wife.

@Tauren @Mosa unasumbua.

sasa mosa ni nani? last ulisema mimi ni twofackfour. Then ukasema mimi ni andrewLLB.

You’re insane

Lanye rights are human rights. The have a right to reproduce like everyone else.

nobody is stopping them from farting out babies. The only issue is that their offsprings usually turn out to be morons. Look at @PHARMACY, mtoto wa malaya mchafu mlolongo.

The guy spends his day trolling when his kids are dying of hunger. They lack proper pencils. @PHARMACY himself is a waiter in some hotel.

My only problem ni your obsession na bibi ya @Yuletapeli . What do we call that?

:D:D:D nisulubie hio mujamaa

By the way kukiwa na baridi nikama akili Yako Huwa inaruka

I understand that you were thoroughly and brutally sodomised like ghaseer pale highschool .pole sana mjinga mchafu msenge matako mbovuScreenshot_20220813-180521.png

Akili ya @Uzo alias @Tauren ilisukumiwa kinyesi aliwekelewa kuni highschool like a true crossdresser

@Uzo who are you

Ukitaka kutombwa hio matako yako yenye kupe cheza na @Uzo @Tauren mwenye alimaliziwa tembe pale highschool

This is the first post @Uzo has not let his Uzi loose on @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! in a while.

Weee wacha kunitaja umbwa wewe…keep off my name

Inakaa balls zako ziko frequency ya CPU ukiskia OP.

:D:D:D:D:D umeuwa @PHARMACY


I consider having impregnated her an achievement and you cant tell me otherwise