I’ve ran across some very interesting folks in this forum, but the following three are by far the most astonishing: MGeyTOW nyang’aus who mask their low self-esteem by vilifying women; Whore connoisseurs who have sampled every brothel frequented by chokoraas and makangas; And lastly, single mother disparagers who claim single mothers should be avoided like the plague. On this day I will address the latter.

For context purposes, the term ‘single mother’ here does not refer to the widowed. I’m speaking specifically about those whose partners grew cold feet and abandoned them at the eleventh hour.

Help me understand, why would you sire a child then forsake your woman once she conceives? To make matters worse, you leave the mother with the burden of being the sole PROVIDER, NURTURER, COMFORTER and CONSOLER? Alafu unaleta rasa kwa hii forum talking about ‘Avoid single mothers’. You are a bottom of the barrel primate if this describes you.

As I conclude my post, To all the single mothers, it’s nothing but love and respect from us proper alpha males.

Single mother haters and MGeyTOW mbuzis, lambeni lolo.

Yours sincerely,









Could OP be Truman Capote on a different handle ?

Typical bitter, lousy, smelly, unattractive MGeyTOW burukenges. Mtatii!


I stopped reading here because you used ‘the latter’ while discussing 3 items.

Typical feminist shaming tactics. Do berra

‘Latter’ is defined as ‘occurring or situated nearer to the end of something than to the beginning’. Do you understand mister genius?

Atleast hata ungeshika kitu shuleni

I’m calling a spade a spade, no feminist theatrics over here. As Nasir Jones once said: Duck down or take fire, whatever you desire!

Tell that to my bollocks mister scrotum.

Sawa Truman Capote. Siwes argue na wewe. Nakiweka direct kwa ignored. Alafu you argue with yourself