Stop Demonizing Single Mothers

If you think that it is a good decision to marry one, sorry. My views regarding marrying single mothers are intact; they are bad choices. No need to repeat the obvious, so let me delve into their good side: business.

Anyone who has ever owned a business will tell you that single mothers (generally) are more hardworking, disciplined and committed to their work compared to childless women. The willpower of a woman with a mouth or more to feed cannot be ignored. I have personally worked with both single mothers and childless women, and trust me I would rather employ single mothers all day. Somehow, these childless women think they are God’s special gift to mankind and often compromise work after weekends out with their sponsors, boyfriends etc. The staff turnover is very high if you foolishly decide to hire childless women. For small businesses, a childless woman cannot work for more than one year before she either gets knocked up, sponsored or you fire her due to incompetence etc. So, single mothers are not that bad when you look at them from a different perspective, especially that of business owners (small and medium enterprises). Single mothers have sponsors, but trust me even when she goes with those sponsors out, she will report to work the next day on time. Most childless women will just give excuses, after all, they can survive on the sponsor’s cash and have no responsibilities.

Single mothers have a good side too if you decide to employ them instead of marrying them.

You started it all. Everyone else took the cue from you.

No I didn’t. I just said what everyone else was afraid to say. And now I am saying something else people here, especially business owners won’t say. I believe in giving the devil his due.

Ngojea hapo witnesses wanakuja.

I have never been against employing single mothers, in fact I prefer them.

Is it by coincidence that you are the village authority on single mothers?

I’m not anyone’s authority. I just have strong views on them, mostly negative. But its good to point out their bright side too.

Single mother wako na bwana??? How do you define a single mother? Jaribu kufikiria kidogo tu kabla u-post, ama hata kusoma ile content unapost.

:DWacha nitoe basi

Iko mmoja amehamia hii kijiji naishi…
Wacha tu

Ule dame ulipea ball imefika how many months sasa?
Juu akizaa youre responsible

Hii ni recycle.exe
Ii topic ulimalizana nayo na ukaPublish thesis


Kwani wewe ni singomatha

Hehehe uko na ufala kama ango @uwesmake

Wuehh…white knight manenoz…cucking hard for single mothers

Btw, single mothers have to report to work because they got a bastard at home to feed after their poor judgement led them to open thighs to a deadbeat. No pity.

Na kumbuka kids of single mothers will typically turn out far worse than kids in a two-parent household.

Ni nyanya huyo, ana wajukuu mjini

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Single mothers are just good for sex. Unakamua mtu mpaka kidogo mjuols inaskia uchungu