stop defiling uhuru park

it is supposed to be our central park!
our kensington garderns!
our hyde park!
our luxembourg garderns!!!

enough of vegabonds trampling and trashing our green space!
it is time for the city to reclaim our gem!

over to you governor chokora sonko!!

He has done more in two months that kidero did in four years kwa hivyo tulia

uhuru park is supposed to be uhuru park, and it is!

is this a joke??? waste all over, damp shit to jacaranda,? as if Nairobi’s problems are sewages only??? chokora mwenyewe.

see am not just another jubilee sycophant. i can call sonko chokora.

Tumpatie time. Kama hatakua amefanya kazi after four years I’ll be the first one to call him a chokora. Nairobi is a big city with a myriad if problems so its naïve of you guys to think he can fix them all in a day

No one is expecting him to do it all in a day. but he’s only been dealing with waste issues since august

Waste mgmt is the easiest to deal with lakini mambo ya infrastructure takes time

In your posts and threads you try too hard to prove your rebelliousness.
In other words, you are just an amateur contrarian.

If he has failed to deal with the easiest part in your opinion do we really need to wait and hope that infrastructure will ever be sorted out anytime in future? Any way his performance so far is within expectations.