Stop Condom Stigma

Why in this day and age are we still stigmatising Condoms? Or is it the element of sex in it?
Many families find it quite offensive to see a CD advert on TV. when one comes on, most people wish the ground would open up and swallow them. This is evidenced by the utter silence that enfulfs the room following the advert or the sudden emergence of errands to be done at that time.
I’ve also noted that some Pharmacists and shopkeepers do not like selling them even though they’ve stocked them. Majority are usually embarrassed to sell.
I will also not forget to mention the trouble most of the end users go through to acquire a pack; we all know the hekayas that sorround these purchases. It’s funny how most girls will warn you in advance that you must acquire a pack if you want some. But ask her to come with it as she visits, she will say it is your duty to buy even if it is her who wants to be banged. If you go together to buy, she will wait outside the shop so that she will not be associated with the purchase

Very many pregnancies and diseases have been caught due to this stigma. Let’s fight it

The above hekaya has been advised by a recent purchase whereby the lady shopkeeper served me while ameinama, not wanting to look at me directly. She also wrapped that packet so well and secured with sellotape you’d think that it was a very delicate product I had purchased…

Kuna customer wangu aliniambia vile kuna time alikuwa salesman wa condoms. Siku moja wakafika kwa shop, kumbe ni ya mbaba sijui mwokovu. Kumwonyesha hizo CD huyo jamaa akawakemea “NANI AMEWAAMBIA WATU HUTOMBANA KWA DUKA YANGU?!!!” na akawafukuza kama mbwa.

I dont use condoms I pull out at the last moment

:D:D:D CD mimi nikienda kununua nasema with confidence nipewe hakuna cha uwoga . but ningependa nikiwa marketer niende kuuzia mbuyu WA 55 Years mkisii wa SDA

Kwa supermarket ukibuy n u r married you don’t want to bump into a family friend. Atakuangalia zile za “hizi sii za kutumia Na mama nani?”

I like buying them in chemists or shops with female attendants and then ask them which between different brands is the best and why then watch them squirm as they try to come up with an answer.

This is an art we have also mastered but unfortunately it can’t be applied everywhere. Magonjwa ni mengi bwana

Bear in mind that your penis is dispersing sperm from he moment you insert.
Why even bother pulling out? Sperm is not semen.

Kwani u are impotent… Precum alone can impregnate

I was on a queue huko kwa huduma centre with my dad. Kuangalia chini naona CD lwa floor next to me. It was not mine. I hope whoever it was for had spare.

Niliipiga teke kinjaro ikaenda side ingine.

Sipendi aibu ndogo ndogo

Katony kachieth niaje


I see you are continuing with the family tradition…pre-cum baby.

Atakwambia, " Gaki shetani wewe Mimi nimegwuokoka sigwes tumia hiso fitu puana. Ushindwe katika china la Yesu!"

Umelost buda. I hope uko fiti

wow…am guessing you also have got this superb skill of ducking out from incoming disease causing viral cells?

sti’s will be your friend

The odds of getting pregnant from precum are very small. it’s estimated that 4 in 100 women will get pregnant using the withdrawal method correctly.

Condoms ni dem anazileta na kunibeba kwa handbag
My only worry is kufikisha 4 rounds threshold