Stop Attacking The Dog, Attack The Owner. Matiang'i Receiving Backlash Meant For Ouru

Why can’t you TangaWizi squad attack Uhuru instead of wasting your saliva barking at Matiang’i? Yes Arap Mashamba was promosed support for 2022 but that was just a Gentleman’s promise. It is called Bar talk and Deputy Thief should learn that hata Tinga was promised the same Sh!t by Mt. Kenya Mafia na akalilia kwa choo so it is nothing new. He should toil hard because naona kama State House Atakuwa anaionea ViuSasa beginning 2022 August. Kule kuna Mnyama anaitwa Dynasty na Gartel.

[SIZE=7]Dynasty & Cartels

Ninja you have problems with ur kins or I guess u must be a othis