I have spent the better part of the evening with strangers …Kenyans …native Kenyans

We talked a lot of issues …country’s leadership …stoopid legislation that discriminates more so banning shisha while letting cigarettes be …why I don’t vote… and how every election I chuck out of the country and leave you guys to mess each other

The whole conversation affirmed what I have been saying here …Kenyans have the lowest IQ …you cannot have a sane conversation with them …kidogo tu washacatch .they get really angry

In the end they told me to fuck off and move to Canada

I stood up and left to someother place

It’s difficult being intelligent in this country

Like someone buys a car and does this bullshit to it


Mimi na nyinyi ni … hata sijui

Yaani everything you guys do is worse than stupid… it’s stoopid

Like here, anything intelligent I say ohh bomoa kabati

Talking about hard drugs

Never seen a slave owner this stoopid

I may be stupid but not a jareer

You are both …stoopid

You are a jareer. I wont argue with you.


Bingwa please get a woman.

If you really are a Zoomali, you should know you are the lowest of low. You are a failed state and a universally despised people

He is no Somali. He is a Jareer. The lowest of the low.

A man whose only ambition is to become an arab.:D:D:D

Bomolewa kabati ukinyamazanga