Stolen ~ Good Afternoon over 30 years ladies

It pains me and confuses me a lot when I see a lady aged
over 30 years with two kids looking for a stable single guy
to marry her!
Most of these ladies are not widows and are not victims
of rape either. These are ladies who spent all their
youthful lives swinging their buttocks like peacocks and
distributing their private part like youth funds … In
their youthful days these ladies were untouchables, and
they had no time for their age mates and potential
suitors, they were so proud of themselves hence pushing
away all the potential suitors. Their private part was
reserved for bad boys and the so called ‘big-men’ with
money who could afford chips and chicken , “poor broke”
guys had no chance at all…
Then after decades of swallowing sperms and wasting
themselves and getting fatherless bastards , now they
want a stable man to feed them and their funny looking
kids … Who do you think you are? how lucky can you
be? who told you men are that foolish? …Even if you
get this foolish man to marry you he will still run away
after coming back to his senses because he has seen your
past life and he eventually got what he wanted from
Any lady over 30 years with kids and a rotten past
belongs to team hyena(scavenger) . You cannot have your
cake and after eating it… If you waste your youthful
life opening your legs to sponsors and other madmen
then don’t waste your future looking for nice honest
Just an advice for our so called “beautiful , well shaped”
ladies oh

I have a Public Address system, can i take you to the streets ukapreach this gospel?

hapa kwanza ina uma sana…after ame cheza na maisha yake,ame kulwa na m boyz wote me na hustle ,trying to save up now when Im setled eti unilete za stable guy??bure kabisa

Ume-copy wapi juu niliona mahali las week?

Mwarimu,title says stolen. Now you want to know where?


Keeping them honest. :D:D:D

This shiet looks familiar. I guess umetoa kwa mboyshaod presidente Nyakundi. Iko poa lakini.

Hii kitu ilipostiwa originally pale Kilimani Moms MKZ like 2 years ago. I think ilikuwa na over 15,000 comments. Single mothers walifume mbaya.

fanya hivo boss

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safi nugu

Well, I was not to comment, but hapo kwa funny looking kids, you got me pants down…how do funny looking kids… do they grow into funny looking beings?