Kenyans in Atlanta:

What the hell was that?

Elesea sisi mkubwa, wengine wetu hatuna habari.

I won’t ask for the link. Neither will I offer a chair broken or otherwise. Just slither back to the hole you came from.

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Kiti ni muhimu, as we wait for those in Atlanta to come up with all manner of theories.


Game ya jana, Super Bowl to be precise.

[ATTACH=full]81986[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]81987[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]81988[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]81989[/ATTACH]

Of all the chairs, hii leo imefanya nimepasua kicheko kwa ofisi.

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Atlanta Falcons were leading by 21-0- Alafu patriots wakafanya come back ingine ya kimataifa. Next to impossible

niaje jirani , jana umetombwa vizuri na ulee ndugu ya Hitler ?

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Guys in Leicester, what happened?

naskia weekend your indian bosses wamekupiga combi kwa x5 yao with the niceness after u drove them to aboretum mausiku

ati stolen game? hapa tunajua tu stolen heck-a-yeah

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Cameroon Hoyee


[li]Not all losses are created equal.[/li]
There are times that players will pour their entire hearts and souls into a game—play the best they’ve played in their entire lives—and it still won’t be enough. These are times when it’s okay for them to walk off the field with their heads held high. They can tell themselves, “We did all that we could do, we got beat, and that’s okay.”

There are also times that teams lose close games on boneheaded mistakes, fall to a major underdogs due to lack of focus or play horribly after proclaiming their own greatness to the media.

These are the times that players walk off the field with their heads down, thinking to themselves, “Oh God, please don’t show that on SportsCenter.”

There are a lot of things you can do to make a loss really profoundly embarrassing.

You can lose to the wrong team.

You can lose in the wrong way.

You can lose too many times in a row.

You can lose by too much.

Yesterday, much to the delight of the millions of mean-spirited fans in America, we witnessed a feat of epic proportions.[ATTACH=full]81997[/ATTACH]
Two cocks were engaged in a fight to death until one of them decided to lay an egg.

Kenyans in Atlanta are still in shock.

Hapana tambua eggball chieth.

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I streamed the game. Coaching mistake. The falcons stared grinding the clock after deciding the game was over.

Agreed, and by the time they realized they were in trouble, they could not stop Locomotive Brady; while their own air attack lost its wings. New England did not win The Super Bowl as much as Atlanta lost it having a celebratory beer. They should be banned from the big game like Buffalo! (informal but effective ban)