Stocks vs Elections

I am seated at a banking hall wondering if to buy shares now or after the elections. In case people misbehave, it will negatively affect the stock market and it would be wiser to be liquid at that time. At the same time, if there is no violence nitakulia vizuri. This dilemma is real…in the end, it is a wager whether there will be post election violence or not:(

Just buy the discounted stocks. Market is deeping but will climb again in Q4.

Disclaimer: This is just my gut speaking.

Wekerea pesa yako hapa…:D:D:D


I think nitawekelea uzito. It is never the perfect time to invest anyway.

Speculation haina jibu clear. Look at the fundamentals and if you are to benefit in the long run because the stock is undervalued as is, buy…if not, don’t buy.

pia mimi niko hapo. 7000 cases za tei. sijui niuze store ibaki empty ama ningoje short ya supply after haki yetu imeanza. I could be 4M richer by 1st Sept. Shida ni risk ya goons kuvunja store io time kikiumana.

Mjamaa hii biz ya fobe iko vipi?
Nikileta chang’aa mwitu kutoka India utaniuzia?


Watu wa UOTP wakijua store yako kwisha wewe. Uza fobe yako saa hii

As an interested party in the ndugugio business,I can tell you one thing. Chang’aa kutoka India sells. And sells good.
But your imported chang’aa sale will depend on
Brand (is it a new brand needing intro and sales pitches)
Cost per bottle/case (you need a brand that sells for between 450 - 700 per 750ml bottle. Ikipita 700 vijana wanaenda kukunywa the real chang’aa)
Availability - what I call after sales service. Will your Indian chang’aa be available after the initial introduction. Or will it be a flash in the pan type of brand.
There maybe more factors but I have those ones being important in the ndugugio business…

Sande sana. New brand just like Best na vile imeshika saa hii. But I usually see when a brand gets too popular, the big comes esp eabl take it and you are left drying. I just need a brand that is cheap and concentrate in one county or two.

You also need to check out all the licences you will need. From KEBS to Alcoholic Board licences. One most important is the licence to import the Chang’aa from KRA…tax manenos. Ukipata hiyo then everything is easier…

KEBS na KRA hapo ndio kitunguu yangu so hiyo si major issue. For now ile kitu major ni pesa na brand. But naona nikitafuta partner tusaidiane. Anyway hiyo ni mipango ya baadaye so for now wacha nichome nyoka mahali nachomea.

Uliza mbirrionare @rollout. majamaa walimarket FAXE then February deal ikaenda kwa WoW Beverages saa hii huoni akiongea hapa.
Am walking on that licensing path for the last 3 months. kila signature ni pesa. I hope to be done by September nilete batch ya Kwanza ya ka wine toka S.A.

Ata best ngoja tu kidogo uone ikinyakuliwa. Ukimaliza rushia mimi hiyo kamzigo nikufanyie clearing kwangu pia kunuke utunguu.

fombe INA pesa. Hugo jamaa mwenye aliketa Face alinunua shamba kubwa huko Kiambu outskirts na kukata barabara Ndani ya mashamba ya watu bika kuogopa court cases. BTW unaeza bet na fombe aina mbili ikinyakyluwa Moja unabaki na ingine

My question to you is whats your methodology of determining undervalued stocks? I hope you are not just looking at the current price or price history, or P/E or crap like that . Remember stocks behave irrationally. My only advice would be buy for the long term. I m talking 5+ years. Remember stocks will irrational longer than you be will liquid. Uhuru or Raila winning may push price downwards for no logical reason. Can you handle a 25% price drop? And if you can use, professional recommendations, a certified stock broker or stock market investor ( people in hedge funds, mutual funds, etc) . If you need a guaranteed return, buy bonds.
If a company has strong fundamentals, it doesn’t matter who takes over. There will be ups and downs, but you will get a decent return. The challenge is to identify these companies. It is even a challenge for professionals, let alone Ktalkers.

This is the perfect time to buy shares. When they are low. Sit back, and enjoy the profits come December

Just buy a bunch of dollars or Euros, hold, and hope for the worst. If Kenya burns, you might end up richer. If all is well, you do whatever you want with your cash.