Stock Market Crash

Throughout the year, the markets have been experiencing extreme volatility over concerns about rising inflation, interest rates and global geopolitical uncertainty. Energy crisis in Europe ,UK Market meltdown, US China Tension on Taiwan, semi-conductor Chip supply shortage. My bet monday or in the course of this week katanuka ile mbaya.[ATTACH=full]467940[/ATTACH]

Last week Wednesday kulikuwa na blood bathe Kwa Forex. GBP na Euro zilinyoroshwa Sasawa na USD.
Investors waliona Moto. Federal Reserve governor Powell akimake news. Just close you position before the news.

Black winter in Eurozone means less production and high energy prices Putin ameamua mwaga ugali nimwage mboga tulale njaa
[SIZE=7]Indian markets crash | Investors lose $85 billion in one day[/SIZE]

[SIZE=7]British pound plummets to record low against the dollar[/SIZE]