Stingy boyfriends...

Ladies how do you handle stingy boyfriends… And gentlemen, what makes you choose to be stingy??

So I decided to break up with my stingy “boyfriend”… Not because of the money though…
See, I am the kind of chick who doesn’t ask for money, like ever or atleast I used to be… So, today I wanted to do something and I was sort of short on cash so I decided to ask him for some money… Let’s just say he didn’t give it coming up with some sort of bullshit…
I am straight forward person so you should just be frank and tell me either you broke or you don’t want to give it to me… Instead he was telling me that he’ll spoil me after Christmas… Smh!!
Well I have never had a stingy boyfriend… I didn’t even know how to handle this… But to me it was just a turn off!! The several men that have been in my life used to send me money like weekly… So I never got a chance to ask them for it…
I hate excuses, I hate liars and I hate men who aren’t straight forward… Sorry guys if you are this type of guy you are just a loser…
@pseudonym advice? Though I have already decided that I want out… @Mrs4thletter @ranny

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Yaani one way or another a man must pay for sex


upusss, kama hujazaa mtoto wangu i dont owe you anything


Yep… Free things don’t exist…


pengine he genuinely doesn’t have cash and mwanaume kusema hana imekua ngumu. Is it Jay by the way?


Cell phone number zao na si tafasary!! I want one!!!


My dear, si ati hana… The guy once told me that his not registered to mpesa…, seriously?? And it’s not jay


Nyakundi told us to resist such kind of women, rather I spend that money on my mother, slayer pepo mbaya


What makes you feel he owes you any money? Are you his wife or have his child? The guy is probably in a tight spot and is embarrassed to say he is ‘broke’ but still he makes a promise to sort you out in a later time but here you are still whining!. Such entitlement from women makes me sick.


Uuuuiiih… Sawa inbox;)

Uliza babako loan ! kama mwanaume sio bwana yako usifure aki kazia. By dumping him that chap dodged a bullet !


Not whining… I don’t live by promises…

Since he’s a “boyfriend” ,umepatia yeye hio kitu iko katikati ya miguu yako? That could be a reason why he’s stingy AF ama hana dough ya ukweli

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Thanks gal!!

Hapa ndio shida iko…What happened to the rest of the men?


Bado… Was gaging him and now he’s out!!

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That’s exactly what you are doing “oh he didn’t give me money am gonna break up with him” Don’t you hear yourself talking? :smiley:


Am angry… :slight_smile:

Aii… can I just wade in? pls do not ask a man for money unless he is your husband. He will never respect you.


Yep.that was the reason. Patia yeye then he’ll be bountiful with them cheddars