When I was a form four leaver, there was this chick who I had a thing for. She lived in the next neighborhood and we hit it off really well. She was damn pretty and I saw a chance to maybe get her. I was kinda naive back then and getting was becoming real hard. She was also a form four leaver like me but a year younger than me and saw that we could make a good couple. I was still a virgin and I thought she would be the one to take it away but I was wrong. I would throw some vibes her way but then it would be followed with “am not ready”. I was still living with my parents and so I would have to wait till waende job ndo nione ka naeza try my luck with the ladies. Their is a day I confessed to her how much I loved her and felt that we could be together only for her to say that she saw me as a friend only and nothing else. This statement hurt me real bad but I kept my cool. Shantelle was her name.

I was hurt by her seeing me as a friend but K didn’t show it. I kept my cool and continued with my pursue to make sure Shantelle becomes mine. There was this day she suggested we have like a couple’s treat in her friend’s Mary’s house. Mary was not around and I actually thought this was the perfect moment to get her to be with me. I asked her to be my partner in the couple’s treat and she was like " we will see". I cooled down as I knew I was now sorted. Fast forward to the day of the treat we met at Mary’s house and some couples were around, there was some alcohol and weed to carry the day forward. There was no shisha back then and so dont wonder why we didn’t choose it. There were no smartphones back then and so kila mtu alikuwa na mulika mwizi and everyone was proud of what he had. Suddenly some dude entered the room and Shantelle went ahead, gave him a hug and a very deep kiss. “Aki babe nimekumiss”, now I knew what the statement " we will see meant", it meant I would see her with her boyfriend. Immediately I left coz I saw there was nothing for me thereI just left without saying a word and went home. It was just so hurting to see her ignore me like that. The dude he was with looked like he came from a wealthy background I guess that’s why she preferred him over me. There’s this day I found her with that dude while on my walks in the estate. She was looking all pretty. She hugged me and I kept it to her only. Wacha huyo mjinga chali yakw ajisalimie. Then she was like “Leon meet my…” ivo ndo niliondokea story design Chris brown aliondokea Rihanna. Then she texted me saying “Leon why are you this rude? Why?”, " because I love you Shan", she continued “Leon we will never be together, and nothing more get that. You aint my type”. With that statement I had received the message clear and she wasn’t interested so I backed off.
But with how she was treating me I decided enough is enough I needed to get my revenge. My revenge plan would be to make the revenge nasty as possible like bitch you can’t treat me that bad and I let you go. I just kept it cool and treated her really nice.

On 31st May of that year she texted me saying that they would have a family gathering where the extended family would visit at their house the next day and she would need some family movies to watch over it. I said she would come over and get it. With my witty brain I found my revenge to come earlier than expected. I went to Mike the movie guy and suggested that we burn a porn movie and label it as a family movie and wait for the results. Since Mike alikuwa amefanyiwa madharau pia yeye na huyo dame akaona lazima revenge ipate huyo dame. Mike naye akaifanya iwe extreme sana. He chose some hardcore porn that started with a black guy fucking some woman very hard in the ass. She was really screaming of it. The porn movie didn’t have an introduction ilikuwa inaanza ivo tu. After ilimaliza kuburn, Mike alii label ‘Family Guy’ and he laughed crookedly. Shantelle sent her younger to get it. The next 10 minutes I turned off my phone since I knew my revenge would work miracles and it did.

The next 40 minutes happened to be the longest in Shantelle’s life…

malizia hekaya Omwami… and that was not revenge


hehe man are you by any chance an old boy of KB? some nigga did that shit n he was a form 4

ju nani haonangi porn


Beta move, but issokey, what floats your boat.

Maze hiyo revenge ni kali sana…malizia hekaya tafasali…

:D:D:D:D I’m sure there is a plot twist somewhere. Pewa like. Malizia hekaya sasa.


:D:D:Dhakukuwa na smartphone na shisha, but kulikuwa na dame anaitwa shantel:cool::rolleyes:

nice hekaya but hanging kidogo, malizia poa vile ( shantaelle) aliku meet baaadaye…