Stima Sacco Shares: is this deal worth it?

Some retired mzee wants to sell to me 50 stima Sacco shares at Ksh. 1000 each.

Is it a deal worth considering?

I have no idea how much is it’s current worth …mwenyewe anasema 1500.

I see in 2011, stima Sacco issued shares at 100bob tu

Unataka kusema anataka kukupatia 25k just like that?

They don’t take Arabs.

Distress sale

Since when did a self proclaimed arab, one who’s got nothing to do than call villagers subbie, one who’s looking to marry a single mother, ever sought advice from distinguished villagers?? Since when?? Wewe Scrotum, consult your A- in '94 and your fellow goats in that shithole called Zoomalia achana na subbies.

Mbona unataka kununua shares kutoka systems za Subbies…si ukanunue huko kwa waarabu meffi wenzako

Mi nikasema watu ni Subbie?


Mimi mwarabu kweli?

Nikasema lini

Hehe … apo ata mimi nmeshangaa bwana

:smiley: mcooshite mijinga

Problem with Stima Sacco shares is that you can’t sell them or be refunded. You can only transfer them, meaning after a few years hata wewe itabidi utafute mnunuzi na bei ya hasara.

Verdict: Not worthy

Weka hiyo fiddy K yako kwa crypto and build-up your portfolio pole pole. Your children’s children will thank you later.

Which kind of shares kwani saccos started listing at NSE:D:D

Applies to all SACCOs. Capital contributions are non refundable. You can only transfer to someone if you want to exit. However, some SACCOs help you find a buyer and then refund the money once the buyer pays up. Savings are however refundable not unless Stima SACCO does otherwise

You also earn a higher interest rate on those shares as compared to the regular (alpha deposits).

stima sacco iko sawa take the shares and add some deposits and wait for dividends or incase of emergency you can take credit against your shares economy ya ngara wana save stima sacco