Stima sacco dividend. Elders mtakula vizuri

It is very correct, 12-15% currency depreciation every year, depending on the broker……You know what’s going up more than 15% every year? The price of commodities.
I suggest that you wake up to the new world we are living in. We are firmly in #collapse territory. The old ways of investing are on the way out because the concept of “infinite growth” in a finite planet plagued by chaos, violence and uncertainty was never possible but they lied to us until we took it for granted. The best investment you can make right now is in yourself, not in a bank or government ‘securities’ (it was never secure just an illusion!), or a sacco. Jijenge first!

Kujijenga kivipi haswa yet kuna constraints as you’ve mentioned

Wash wash.

Bwana sasa hapa mahali tumefika tafuta tuu degree. Sacco gani hio hupeana loan based on share capital? Did you even understand what I said?

If a sacco has 6b in deposits and it advances 3 times in loans that means total loans will be 18b. Since saccos e.g safaricom charge 1% interest fees on loans that means total interest earnings will be 180m. That figure is still very far from that 650m. 650m-180m= 470m that means penalties and investment income is 470m. That 470m investment income is what we are asking where it is coming from. Anyway, I came across this article and I thought it was worth a read. Sina ubaya mimi.

The 1% interest is per month, which totals to 12% per year

All, you are confusing front office operations with share savings

Hawa ma nugu wanatutesa,hadi saa hii hawajafungulia hizo dividends,ussd yao ni upuss

Kati yako na @ChifuMbitika nani alinyima mwingine tako,juu ni kama mlikosana…ohhh @ChifuMbitika alikusaliti

What is abnormal? Or how abnormal is abnormal? Unajua kitu unasema kweli? Did you even understand my explanation? Let me break it down further:-
[li]Interest is charged monthly on a reducing balance basis. Even if you were to compute the effective interest rate(approx.6.5% p.a) and applied it to your hypothetical figure of 18b, you are looking at interest income in excess of 1b sans fees and penalties;[/li][li]Sacco’s have short term products that attract high interest of between 5-10% per month similar to fuliza and mshwari,[/li][li]Saccos have investments majorly fixed deposits that bring in something small,[/li][li]Dividends is on shares which as I said form a small portion of its equity,[/li][li]Interest on deposits is prorated throughout the year.[/li][/ol]

Kwa sacco utakuwa na shares na deposits. Loans are advanced based on deposits. Please correct yourself.

It’s very simple. Only trade your fiat currency after satisfying all your commodity needs. Bare minimum, you need to have an updated house with a well-sized plot where you can survive off the grid. Do you have that infrastructure set in place?

You might be right. But people call BOSA account deposits, which are not withdrawable, shares, which is wrong then if you are right

Mukurino Aviator naona ulihamia huku. Tower has been consistent. I think as you have posted that article above, they borrow to retain their members . No business currently can pay that huge amount

I like how you think. You watch Doomsday Preppers on NatGeo?

Not really. Plain ol common sense is enough.

I will buy some goats soon for elders. I want to increase my shares to 12m by Dec this year

Na kuuza utauzia nani? Coz my friend has shares za safaricom sacco na zimemshinda kuuza for the last 5 years.


Yeah you right, that’s what gets me.
After kuchangia hawa wasee pesa even ten years again you can’t withdraw it … doesn’t add up

I ain’t selling. Just deposited there permanently for dividends and rebates