Stima sacco dividend. Elders mtakula vizuri


Nation Sacco of which am a member had 18% on dividends and 9% on rebates.

Someone has share capital of over 7m. @ChifuMbitika nunulia Kijiji mbuzi

12.5% on deposits
17% on share capital

Itabidii Pia Mimi ni Ingie Sacco. Nilikuwa caritas na ni upuzi tupu. Catholic wakijengwa tukatwa Kwa difindend.

Tower Sacco has been paying 20% dividends on share capitoh for the last 5 years.

Hizi ni zile unaamka siku moja wanafunga ofisi. 20% is a lot, what are there investment

Yes, we have all been asking what these investments saccos are engaging in to pay such high profits ndio hata sisi tufanye. Even govt securities are only paying 13%.

How come sijawai ona rebates on deposits more than 20 percent


Oh wow, this is terrible.

Paying dividends from what you contribute as share capital. They give loans at much lower rates, where do they get 15% and 20% from? Sacco’s ni pyramid schemes to some extent.

Whatever, you cannot redeem your share capital that easily, lazima you give notice and kama ni huge amount you cannot get at once. And they will retain 10%.

Dividend rate is usually high for the simple reason that share capital ya sacco huwa chini sana. Utapata minimum shares no kitu 10k na hapo ndio most members wanachezea since they would rather save as deposits zenye unapewa loan Nazi na ukijitoa unarudishiwa.

Please comment with authority on what you understand and are a subject matter specialist on.

Boss, he is correct, it must be a pyramid scheme. Hata ukienda Money Market they tell you we invest in govt bonds, fixed deposits and foreign deposits. All of those pay around the same as the 9% we will pay you. So how are saccos paying 20%? Why can’t they explain where this 20% is coming from ? Cytonn was paying 15% returns and it was soon uncovered to be a scam. Hii story ya 20% ni biz gani ??

Reg flag raised. Sob stories loading…in…5…4…3…

To put that rate into context, every year the shilling loses 10-15% against the dollar so if the sacco invests your money by simply buying up dollars, then also factor in the cost of inflation and opportunity cost, you might find it’s not worthwhile.

Nimesema let people comment on issues they are well versed in. You are before an induatry specialist by the way. Uliza msito @Abba ama @Okiya. The 20% is relative. In absolute terms, the amount is peanuts. As I said earlier, share capital forms a small portion of a Sacco’s equity. A sacco with say 4b in members savings will have around 6-7b in loans to members since members are advance 3 times their savings and around 200m share capital since most members will stick to the minimum share capital of between 2-10k. Interest income will be in excess of 650m while fees, penalties and investment income will rake in close to 100m. Now a declaration of 20% dividend will only be around 40m while a 10% rebate will be around 400m based on the share capital and deposits figures respectively. What you do with this information henceforth is up to you.

You know that is not correct! Loses 15% every year since when? What do you suggest people invest in?

Also, the cost of goods in Kenya is not linearly related to value of shilling against the dollar. For example, the cost of cabbages and potatoes does not depend on dollars

200m*3 = 600m, not 7b

Hardmean pin hii thread.