Still on postgraduate diploma

Wazito if am done with pgdip project management naweza anza Masters same course immediately after?

Are you a career student?

If so what the fuck is wrong with you?

Why are you trying so hard to make up for your B grade

I am A- of 94 and you will never get here where I stand coz you know why? It wasn’t easy

And if you did that post graduate diploma (useless by the way) at a Thika road uni then that’s even more useless

What am I saying? Doing PGD in 2019 is a waste of money in this country

Ungebuy tu codeine na hiyo dough

why not do degree of the same? It goes for 2.5years.

Do you know what in the world is a pgdip?

Investing in education in Kenya nowadays is an exercise in futility. Better look for an overseas job with that money.

Wewe si niliona uliandika you had two pdp

From long time ago. I can’t spend more money on education right now. I better invest elsewhere

msomali tulia

Step by step kiyana !