Steven Spielberg has gone to the Titanic wreckage 31 times

Steven Spielberg the director of titanic movie, has gone down there 31 times.
tafakari hayo .

Uh! I thought it was James Cameron. Was surprised to see that he had gone 31 times! To do what egzactry!

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James Cameron has gone there 33 times. Hii ya Spielberg sijaskia, youre probably confusing him with Cameron

Siku ya nyani ilifika imefika

I confused them waah!

Gather info for the Avatar water series. Next the Avatar will be on fire.

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Don’t blame yourself. I sometimes confuse Wakanda and Zamunda


James Cameron directed the Titanic movie.

Mkisii unajua movies

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unaconfuse watu sana. its james cameron na si spielberg. infact in one of his trips, he filmed the whole titanic ship which was shown in the titanic movie in its opening scene.


The doomed submarine had also gone there over 20 times. So watu wawuache kuongea as if it was an experimental first dive.


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Sisi wakisii tonachua hisi fitu rakini nyinyi mko na masaru mnaona kama hatochui

Bb kk llllmlo

Planes are subjected to through scrutiny everytime before they fly regardless of how many flights they have done. We are dealing with environments that arent ours, air and sea, maximum care should be taken