Steven kalonzo musyoka

It’s time my brothers at the lake region and baruyaland support our son just like we supported Rao for decades despite him being so selfish .
He has downplayed kalonzo’s support even mdvd and weta couldn’t take the betrayal any longer.
I call upon elders and sponsers from coast, Western ,kisii and dholuo to drum support for kalonzo.
It’s time pharmacy for to enjoy visiting statehouse like murkomeno or silly @Kalenjin101 to eat muthokoi .
We have been good to all those brothers supporting them selflessly to the last .
Kusema tu ukweli Rao Sasa akisimama tena atacompete na wajakoya . His time is up completely .
Brother @Jimit am sure you agree with me .

Kumbe mkamba unajua sisi kama pure blood hutuwezi kuji associate na wakamba?

By the time jsks is done with you idiots , you will be calling us wakamba brothers .mtakua mnatake notes on how to survive without being in government since independence .ghaseeer

Watermelon ni very petty mkikosana kwanza his term akiwa MP . Heri Mutula Kilonzo

When he was supporting odm and azimio he was petty?! Mutula kilonzo isn’t the kamba kingpin ,kalonzo is . We won’t accept what outsiders are trying to feed us since we know our leader .

I mean his work ethic not political affiliation:D:D

Kalonzo lacks a stand which isn’t good for a leader

Shut the fuck up . We will deal with those who don’t support kalonzo once and for all here at kambaland politically until they won’t attract a crowd of 10 .

:D:D:D small circle.

I will impregnate as many Kambodians as I can. Sure enough in the next 20 years Kambodians shall appreciate.
@PHARMACY tuko nyuma yenyu 100000000%. Best believe that.

I won’t shut up you little sewer rat

Sister ya pharmacy na pharmacy waliacha kusumbua wewe?2017 walikusumbua zaidi

Nyumbani ni wapi Mukuyuni?

Hapana chief , kwetu ni mbiguni

Pharmacy ni wa Mbitini, the headquarter of witches. But on a serious note, other than your grandmother, @PHARMACY Kijiji yenu Iko na wachawi wangapi?

Hizo zinakuaga stereotypes zimepitwa na wakati .Mimi ni pastor na mzee wa kanisa mbitini orthodox church .

Luo may support Kalonzo but turnout will be 10%. Sisi Abeingo tuko kwa serikali. We have no time kalooser. He should retire with Wajackoya

tuko nyuma ya Kalonzo

Tombwa mchawi. Kojoa ulale.