Steve Jobs' laptop

Wakubwa,me ni NV kwa ile kijiji ya Steve Jobs.Kuna jamaa anauza Apple MacBook Pro 2017 13" 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 8GB RAM 256GB SSD
KES 90,000.Kwa duka najua ni expe lakini kama kawaida which peasant wouldn’t want an even better deal. Hapo nagongwa ama?Anyone with links to a better deal? Will be appreciated

Don’t buy stolen goods. They could be yours.

First of all, verify that it doesn’t have an active iCloud account.
If you can’t access iCloud or cant setup a new one because one already exists, run for the hills

Kunguru ameibia boy wangu iPhone . tutaipataje ?

You can get an i7 windows machine for that amount

Only people with low IQ use apples products

kwa iyo pesa…ama ni lazima utumie apple? Tafuta lenovo, Hp ama dell na specs za adabu kiasi

Who uses a laptop with 250GB in 2019?

expandable i think

The Key word here is SSD. (Very very fast access storage and very expensive too!!).


Nunua dell m 3800 ama xps uwache kusumbua.

256gb m.2 ssd ni kama 6000/=

Not easy coz whoever stole it can’t use it with a Sim card without logging in using the iCloud account and password, therefore the phone will not go online. Lost mine in 2017, never found it but then again as long as it has an iCloud account, hio itauzwa hasara kama spare.
I believe a MacBook is easier to trace coz the thief can go online since it doesn’t require a Sim card.

No… That is the price of an external SSD disk

KES 2,519 51%OFF | KingSpec M.2 ssd M2 240gb PCIe NVME 120GB 500GB 1TB Solid State Drive 2280 Internal Hard Disk hdd for Laptop Desktop MSI Asrock

Tafuta ThinkPad mzuri T480, hapana waste pesa ufurahishe watu. Watakuchekelea

Tell him to use “Find my iPhone”. Kama Ana iPad or another iPhone, He can log on it and then activate it.

Ataona pale iko in real time. But the easiest will be to log onto and access the option from there. For this option He can only do it if He did not have the two factor authentication.

The iPad or iPhone mentioned above…inaweza kuwa ya bestie yake. It does not need to belong to him.