Steve Harvey to visit Kenya in September!


I told you Ruto is a master of strategy. He didn’t travel to the USA for fun. This guy knows what he is doing banaa!

Our president went to look for investors and tourists who will pump more dollars into the Kenyan economy. A lot of jobs will be created too.


American Television host and Film Producer Steve Harvey has revealed he will be visiting Kenya in September following an invitation by President William Ruto.

Speaking on Tuesday, during a meeting with President Ruto at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Harvey said the visit will coincide with his vacation before he resume the shooting his game show “Family Feud” in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Harvey said he is looking forward to mentor and inspire the local creatives. "

He should be meeting industrialists to help set up factories in kenya to create jobs locally, not meeting and inviting useless comedians.


I believe he toured the Starlink internet company? Hopefully they can set up some factories here in KENYA

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That international joker just went to visit his fellow comedians that’s why no notable leader has met him so far. Sasa Harvey ndio Nani this is so embarrassing


Ako booked by 50 tv and radio morning shows. Meffi

Hii ndio inakufurahisha hivi? Kushika starlink hivi kama blogger? Where even the CEO wouldn’t be bothered to step out of her office to greet this nuisance? Hii ndio inakufurahisha?


Sasa wewe Tyler Perry wouldn’t be bothered to meet him at all, a whole president is coming over na hata shughuli hana zake? And you think Steve Harvey is coming to Kenya on his own dime? My fren hio ni sisi tunamlipia akuje, jamaa ako hasso, ama unafikiria Benny Hinn alikuja vile ametupenda zaidi? One day when you grow up, utajua maana ya kubebwo upussy ndio nini


They will pay entry fee to the venue. Halafu hizo sh zikuwe repatriated to yuess. Bora amewacha anecdotes and quotes to inspire impressionable kenyans


Steve Harvey literally lives in Ghana. He’s invested heavily in media there. Owns rights to several shows.

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How the Fcuk is this going to help Kenya? We have had more prominent people come to Kenya.

wakenya huwa hawajui ile mchezo wanachezewa na politicians.

president ameangalia wale bloggers na comedians wanatrend, akasema ataenda na ao.

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Hio starlink upus should be banned in kenya. Why send cash to Elon Musk huko US every month instead of us sending the cash to safaricom shareholders hapa kenya? Imagine 100,000 kenyans paying 6,500 each month to starlink in the US, that is 6.5B each month leaving the country to benefit some beberu in the US, which is modern day slavery. If the 6.5B was spent on safaricom, the money would remain in kenya with govt taking 30% tax and rest going to local shareholders pockets. This capital flight scheme by Elon Musk and his msungus should be stopped.

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I once saw a diplomacy shuttle ya Putin na ndani ya ndege ma CEO of several factories and companies ndio walikua wamejaa. Hii ya nabii ameweka akina butita wanapiga picha hamsini na kujaza TikTok na Facebook

By your baloon head you think Safaricom is Kenyan? Yes, I know few kenyans have inconsequential shares hapa na pale, but kama hujui safcon ni ya mkoloni I totally understand you

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Steve Harvey kukuja kuchekacheka kenya ni investment? Humbwer

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