steve harvey beta male shouldn't advice anyone

steve left his two wives and biological children for a kunguru with 3 children. The step children are now enjoying his millions while embarrassing him. One is a notorious lanye. steve aliona matako akakimbilia and he’s now a relaionship guru.

Definitely shouldnt be advising anyone ghasia ya mtu just for leaving his fam

You can’t take the hood out of the man.

Hata Jimnah Mbaru aliwezwa kabisa.

After I saw that fucker crying on stage, I understood why women love the beta-simp oozing faggot.

Steve Harvey is a bitch. What happened to cold mofos like Stalin, Genghis, Hitler, gen Zhukov,?

I’ve realized most of his pieces of advice are leaning toward kubamba madem. No wonder his audience is almost entirely composed of them