Steve Bannon indicted on Fraud charges

This is just like the idiots who sent money for ODM to pay bill for those hurt during their stunts not that jubilee bonobos are any better they gave free rides for people to go vote for their king

Ha ha ha ha ha!
Where are the adherents of Trump Cult na Qanons.
Why does your side keep getting arrested doh
@Purple aka @T.Vercetti why are you criminals?

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]MAGA 2020. Thread closed.[/SIZE]


Bannon has every right to be worried, if he’s convicted, and Trump fails to make it to the White House (mostly unlikely), Steve will be tossed.

Halafu Trump has been ordered to turn over his taxes. At this rate Trump or his family members might end up in jail once his term is over.

Did you see that corrupt FBI lawyer who pleaded guilty this week for falsifying a document to enable them get a warrant to kick off the whole Russia hoax?

That was the first of a whole bunch of Democrat sympathisers who will be arrested and indicted for the fake Russia investigation.

You’re brain dead bro. Akili yako ilievaporate umebeba calabash tu

Inaitwa ‘October Surprise’…

Hillary alipata yake 2016 when the FBI announced that they were renewing investigations into her email scandal just 11 days before the election on Nov 8, 2016.

Sasa tunangoja ya mzee Biden…