Stepson massages her stepmom swollen feet.

Twitter is a mental asylum. Defund it

N/B: if you have a family, keep it off social media kabisa.



shida iko wapi

Enyewe like he says i know what comes next coz ive seen the title somewhere:D

Mbona Kenyan ladies Sana Sana huvimba miguu?


XXX videos loading

Naona Elon Musk amefanya liberal leftists wakapata akili. That message should be targeted especially at Tiktok, Instagram and Netflix.

Damn, didn’t know where it led. So Kenyan pop culture is starting to signal insider porn jokes in the open? All for clout-chasing. With innocent kids?

Accumulation of body fluids

Upuzi…have massaged my step mum and my aunties before…wacheni kuona pono mingi