Stepping Aside Statement

Following the banning of my friend, wife and soulmate, @aviator, it is with profound regret that I have found it necessary to step aside from this forum, until such a time as she is reinstated.

For the longest of years, and unbeknown to you, @aviator has been at my side, holding my hand in times of sorrow and distress, supporting me when I stumbled. She has been a good mother to my three children and an obedient wife to me. She has endured what most women cannot, including my moments of weakness and madness.

We - her and I - have always laughed ourselves senseless when you referred to her as a shemale, or “Mrs Murithii”. Even when we gave you small hints - such as that we both come from Kimende, Lari - you ignored them. At one time - when I had to strongly take her side against @mabenda4 - I thought I had blown our cover altogether. Yet, we endured.

At all times, since we met as two children of teachers at a school on the foothills of the Aberdares, we have stood together. This time is no different. I cannot abandon the rock of my life at her hour of need. Life itself would lose meaning for me. @aviator is the wind beneath my wings, the deep water below my ship.

Today, I can reveal that I have always winced when some of you have derogatorily referred to the most incredibly loving, talented and intelligent woman I know as Mama Saitan. @aviator is, in reality, giving and forgiving, witty and funny. Above all she loves her family dearly, including I who has so often let her down. It is a testament to her grace and nature that she still calls me husband, all these years on.

Now, on this day, at this time, I do not care whether I have blown my cover or not. There comes a time when a man has to do what a man has to do - stand by his woman, in hell or high water. When a man has to know what matters is not an obscure Internet persona, but the warm, breathing, loving blessing beside him.

At this time, at this moment, I choose my soulmate. I choose my friend. I choose my childhood sweetheart. The mother of my children. The love of my life.

I choose @aviator.

And damned be you all.


Hizo paragraphs chukua 20sms at 5/= umtumie na text:D:D

Alright. Bora tusikuone hapa jioni:D

Sawa Baba Saitan.

Phew!! the words I have been waiting to hear.
Goodbye and pass my regards to your ‘wife’


Ukiiingia ulituambia? Mbona unatupigia kelele ukitoka, shenzi

Niaje toothless ‘Mr Mureithi?’ Kumbe you are the idiot who can’t shag that woman properly?

Aviator saa hizi akiona admin na multiple handle anahepa hivi

really was she even born when u were 20 let alone childhood

guka, good riddance

MIT = Most Idiotic Talker we wont miss you

Hii melodrama yote ya nini?

Mungich mzee u lost street cred when u faked your own death. Si ukufe ya ukweli uone tuki dance and celebrate on your grave…mm hadi ntakojolea hio grave wakati the soil is still fresh ndio iteremuke imwagike kwa mdomo yako. RIP in advance meffi

I like guka’s grammar.
No osungu.dll
He can easily make @introvert to retire the .dll cartoons…

go drying!


guka’s story doesn’t add up, anyone else with a similar opinion?