Stephen Letoo Brags Anakula "Top Layer"....... Ur Thots?

Citizen TV journalist Stephen Letoo has sparked reactions after posting photos bonding with his two wives.

They were photographed spending family time on the hills while dressed in Maasai attires.
Sharing the photo on his Instagram account, Letoo wrote “New Year’s Eve”.
Fans flocked to his timeline and admired the strong bond between his wives.
Letoo has always advocated for polygamous marriages.
Last year, he urged ladies to accept polygamous marriages through a social media post as he delved into the rising cases of murder among married couples in the country. The seasoned journalist said accepting polygamy is the key to reversing the trend in which married couples turn on each other, sometimes ending in death.

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The Real Man…, I don’t think its easy to even convince them to pose for a photo together.

He must be a very wise man and soon he’ll be crowned a community king.

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I’ve always admired the patriarchal way of life among the maasai and some other northern tribes… Even though nowadays nimeanza kuona some maasai lanyez, I think they are learning the craft from kyuks and kisiis living in narok and kajiado

Hao simi akina njeeri ??

All that a wise man needs is land and cattle in plenty

You have never lived among the Maasai/Samburu/Turkana/Bora to know them well. They are highly promiscuous even when married. Their wives are very easy to seduce and sleep with especially those who drink or like to go out shopping. Their girls are conservative too but with the right tuning easily remove their pants for a few drinks

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Good for him !

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