Step fathers

To men who married single mums with kids old enough… how do the kids refer to you ?

Some years ago i fell in love with some single mother of a 5yr old gal, The woman was a very beautiful yellow yellow lady and we had plans of moving in together,
The mum wanted us to start getting familiar gradually with the daughter coz the relationship was getting very serious.

The reality hit me when the young kid started referring to me by name… :D:D:D. I knew am not the biological father and the love will always be cosmetic…but men, the thought that in my 1st marriage and our interactions henceforth a kid will be calling me that, will always be a stack reminder that i dealing with someone’s sperm as my kid threw me off… imagine in family gatherings, mtoto ananiita jina kama mimi ni age-mate yake, hiyo time unamlipia fees…

call me immature, but it takes a different species of man to get himself into such situations. I respect step dads.

Unaitwa uncle

So, what happened after you broke up?

:rolleyes: i got myself a virgin…:smiley:

kuna mzee huko home alioa a young single mum when he was in his 50s, the kid used to call the man grandpa :D:D

It’s always luhyas saving hoes

Not true, actually step-sons are usually discriminated against a lot by the man’s close family members and the community. Only step-daughters are tolerated, wewe hujawai kaa Luhyaland.

Una save dem alijibamba yake yote.

Will you vote in town hall meeting? The question to be put forth is thus; should single mothers be shot on sight?

:D:D:D… nooo… i have nothing against single mums… madharau ya step kids ndio sitaki

You need to stoop so low to put yourself with a single mother, these are by default a big liability, it’s only the desperados who end up with a single mother…

Single mothers ni wale unatoa nao dryspell.

Every child,even your own, will call you by your name until taught otherwise. It’s a natural phenomenon.

You taught your kids to call you dad? So they used to call you Simiyu? I thought dada/dad or mama are by default the first words from a kid…unless taught otherwise. The next one is uncle/ auntie…my kid knew my name when he turned 3…na ilikua kibarua kufunza yeye hizo jina za kiluhyia

Sometimes, teaching is not by hard lesson. If your kids see your wife calling you by name only, and have very little experience with anybody calling you by anything else, they will call you by your name. I have seen it happen. Especially below 4 years.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D mutoto alikuita straight Eddy mameno?:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D pole chief that was the desert , years later akimaliza kusoma angekushow life ulisaidia tu kama msamaria . It’s important to raise your own dna certified retards Pole pole bila kusumbua but they respect you fullt

embobut residents have no moral authority to even attend the meeting

So kama huyo mtoto angefunzwa na mamake akuitange daddy ungeoa hiyo single mother?

it comes automatically bana

imagine kaka … :D:D