Steel wool

What are the early symptoms that you have been fed steel wool without knowing by baby Mama?

Black urine:D:D

Nunua ‘spark’ upitishe kwa chakula


Ukipita class 6 inaitwa Magnet.

weakness. rapid breathing. increased heart rate or palpitations. paleness of the skin, especially in the face

hii jina spark ndo ilikua standard back then. ukitaka kuepuka ngori, kulanga na jayden.

Ukikatwa matako time ya kukunia

:D:D:D:D:D… Beta males problem can’t relate

Scary. Would an abdominal scan show anything?

Stomach ulcers ama cancer my friend…


Kulanga na Jayden hata baby moma akisema yeye hataki nyama na wewe umewekewa kuku hapo.

:D:Dbeing alpha male is to masturbate,avoid spending money on women and those silly briffault laws you advocate.
Alpha male is a lazy poor male who can’t marry because he has scarcity mindset,by the way we have wives ,concubines and like king Solomon they are well catered for.i think such men are the alphas .


:smiley: Hio jina spark ilitokanga wapi

:D:D:D:D:D…God this is hilarious.aki nimecheka yangu yote…this has made my evening

Prolonged EJACULATIONS buddy…

Ndio maana utazidi kula steel wool Kwa mashakura.

Very crazy observation