Vaccines usually follow the antibody- antigen approach by imitating an infection. The type of infection never almost cause an illness but it causes the immune system to produce T- cells (memory cells) and antibodies.
The Virus or Bacteria that makes a vaccine is usually weakened or inactivated to safely expose your body to it.
This is not the approach with Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines.
This vaccine will use the genetic material called messenger RNA, a kind of genetic software that instructs cells to make a piece of Corona Virus spike protein.
The protein will get the attention of the immune system which will recognize it as foreign and is prepared to attack when the actual infection occurs.
So what is this protein? It is the spiked structure that grapple the cells it attacks. Scientists did not even need the Covid-19 virus to make the vaccine in this case. All they needed was the genetic sequence.
Since mRNA molecule is incredibly unstable, could an immune reaction to RNA lead to some auto immune disease like Lupus?


In as much as I hate it, as soon as that vaccine comes out I am taking it. I am not going to cough myself to death. Thats gruesome. I dont want to ever see myself die slowly.

If you’re worried then perhaps you should look into the JnJ vaccine which isn’t based on the novel mRNA technology.

Or the Russian one Sputnik 5.

Siwezi dungwa sindano tena

You belong in the anti-vaccine conspiracy ideologies league that needs to be castrated and banished from society.

Vaccines have saved the world from extinction.

It won’t be up to you to make that choice. All facilities will demand proof of vaccination before providing service. Unless you’re ready to be a hermit, you’ll have to take the jab.

Who owns moderna company???
Wewe dungwa shindano na Bill Gates
Alafu kuja hapa kuharahara uwezi zaa

Speaking of the devil…


As long as necessary tests are done and the vaccine is deemed safe, ntachukua. Hii mambo ya ohhh… vaccine itakumaliza sijui ohhhh… white Americans want to maliza blacks ni upuss.

These advancements in genetic sequencing are our only hope for preventive medication. Don’t worry if the terminology there terrifies you but it’s the only way to counter an enemy that has been strengthening itself by mutating. Don’t choose to be ignorant.

@Purple akisema iko sawa tutatumia.

people need to be more enlightened about the long last effect of Vaccines. Covid is more aligned for commercial purpose.

Aaaaaaaaaw Shiiiiieeeeeeett… Here we go again. Wacha niingie bunker na supplies zangu tena and observe the masses

ile Pastor/doctor wetu @Purple ata approve ndio tutameza

Wengine wetu wa muarubaine tukalie jamvi ipi?

Tomorrow is the D-day. God willing everything will go well, I believe so. I will let you know what it feels like.

Good Luck and Congrats!

How does it feel like?