Stats on alcohol consumption.. Western leads but Central Kenya has the highest number of deaths

That’s not true. Mbwa umejuaje watu hukufa na pombe central? Niggas in western are dieing from waragi sneaked in from the border but thst shit never makes it to the media

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In the other thread nimesema pombe sio shida diet is the problem na family support


More People from Cendro die from alcohol consumption because they drink on empty stomachs. Their diet is too light to absorb the amount of that poison they consume. Those in Western Kenya have Ugali on their side.

The lady reading that report is not professional at all…Just joining numbers that can’t be followed.

I’m prone to not trust statistical data from Vumbistan because they are tainted with political agendas.


You are always triggered when central is mentioned. Sawa basi lets believe your stats. Western kenya youth are dying from alcohol consumption because they are drinking on empty stomarchs…vijana western hawana appetite…are you happy now?

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You guys don’t get it;

1). Watu wa central wanajipenda sana, that’s why they will cry more than the bereaved on most matters. Examples;

-There are many areas invested with jiggers, yet they made Murang’a joggers a great deal. Of course that comes with resources.

  • Remember them blaming Uhuru that walimchagua na hajafanya kitu kwao yet so much had been done huko, and appointments were skewed in their favour? Remember the same happened with Kibaki time?

  • Saa hii wanalilia Ruto vile hajafanya anything huko kwao? Rigathi is under pressure to sort the coffee and tea mess while Western leaders are taking tea in the hotels without one bother in the world while the sugar belt collapsed years ago, na still they will be elected on some flimsy promises.

watu wa western hukunywa beer, watu wa central hunywa vileo, vitu colourless hazijulikani zimetoka wapi

The GREED among Gikuyu is the key factor. They ad too many chemicals in their alcohol. In western people take changaa and busaa in their purest form. In fact nikukunywa gorogoro mbili za Busaa nawezatomba Njeri shoti tatu mfululizo bila kupumua. On the other hand, @sokwemtu or @Mikymas wakikunywa glass moja ya pombe yao wanakufa for some hours


eunuch nenda tomba matako ya mamako chafu

Wewe mungich wacha ku catch ma feelings

Shiney eye would rather starve than get his money from equity to buy ugali matumbo

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Central kenye inawasumbua ni tamaa. Mtu antaka pesa ya harako so they just sell anything for people to consume. Btw it’s true I believe in western people drink alot but the difference is there are the purest form of alcohol in western. Ukienda kakamega it is well known hapo shinyalu you will get the purest form of chang’aa, and people ferry from as far as butere and malava. Pale busia budalangi police station keep on changing the ocs and officer’s cz when they get to chang’aa den wanapewa kutaste and they just can’t have enough